Apply your creativity & win a free copy of English Metal Slug 3.  The contest requires your custom design of a shelf configuration for the cabinet below. Applicability & cosmetic appeal will determine the winner. The best design will be forwarded to Ello Furniture for assembly of a custom built cabinet. Submit your final drawing to or fax to (901) 323-8220 by October 1st.

1st Place winner will receive a copy of English Metal Slug 3 shipped EMS anywhere in the world.

2nd Place runner up to receive $50 Neo Store credit. Free shipping included as well.

Contest involves the use of creativity and a basic understanding of carpentry.

A drawing containing measurements/dimensions of your custom design is all that is required.

The shelving system should not be designed to house a TV, only neo-geo home cartridges. Refer to the collections page for ideas.

You have a 77" high x 61" wide area to work with. Do not be concerned with the TV or internal pictured shelving. Your goal is to redesign this area for housing a neo-geo home cartridge collection.

Things to consider:
Cosmetic appearance.
How much distance between shelves?
How thick should each shelf be?
Consider the combined weight of neo carts involved.
Home cartridge measurement:
1.825" Wide
8.7" High


Full picture

Specifications sheet - Front

Specifications sheet - Back (Measurements)

Closed Position. Do not be concerned with left or right side shelving,
only what is behind the front 4 doors panels.

The lighting & sliding doors are
electronically controlled via remote.

Direct link to this cabinets official page @ Ello:

See the electronic doors in action. Different style, similar measurements: