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    WTB: Capcom CPS3 setup

    Just like the ad says I’m looking for a Capcom CPSIII setup. Let me k ow what you have and what you want for it? Suicided games are o.k as well.
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    WTB: Naomi Universal 2 player control panel

    Hello, looking for a two player control panel for a Naomi Universal. Ideally would love a Zombie Revenge original but will take what's available. PM with pics and prices. Thanks:glee:
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    WTB: League Bowling AES US version

    Hi there, Just like the title says looking for a decent to mint League Bowling complete ISA version for AES. Let me know if you have and what you want for it.
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    WTB: Metal Slug 5 MVS cart

    Looks like I’m not the only one looking for one of these but I don’t really care condition, I’m interested in both Cart and or kit. I sold my Slug collection a few years ago and now regret it greatly. Thanks a lot in advance and hopefully we both can get some Slug 5 action! Edited wtb Japanese...
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    WTB Neo Geo AES system

    Hi there, I’m looking for a Neo Geo AES system. I would prefer a system with a game or two but am open to hearing what’s out there. I sold mine years ago and am now regretting it.
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    Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, MK1, Super Dodgeball, Hit the Ice (all pictured)

    Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 $90 plus actual shipping (has one rom checks out red but I can't find anything wrong with game) $90 plus shipping ***SOLD*** Mortal Kombat 1 Works 100% shown with volume pot but volume pot not included $50 plus shipping ***SOLD*** Super Dodgeball works 100% pcb...
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    FS: MVS Spinmaster, Neo Turf Masters, Neo Geo Cup '98, KOF 03, Ninja Combat

    Hey Guys. I have the following Neo Geo MVS carts for sale: Spinmasters with Yaton Box and original mini (not shown $90 Shipped in USA and Canada ***SOLD*** Neo Turf Masters - $80 Shipped in USA or Canada ***SOLD*** Neo Geo Cup '98 - $40 Shipped in USA or Canada King of Fighters...
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    FS: R-Type II PCB, Willow, MK1 and Super Dodgeball, etc.

    Hello everybody. I have up for sale some Arcade Jamma pcb's with more to follow at a later time. Prices do not include shipping unless otherwise stated and are in US funds but I will ship worldwide and will charge only exact shipping cost. I accept paypal gift or regular paypal to trusted...
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    WTS Gals Panic Jamma and other PCB's etc.

    Just like the title says. Up for sale is a Gals Panic Jamma PCB that fully works. It is selling for $75 Shipped anywhere in USA or Canada. Will sell worldwide but pm for quote. Game works 100%. Its a vertical puzzle game. I'm a family man and this game is not for a young family. PM me if...
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    FS: Naomi, GD-roms, CPS1, CPS2, Atomiswave, PCB's

    Well I need to raise some funds for a project I'm working on so I will let go of some of my stuff. Up for grabs are the following items. All payment in US funds unless otherwise posted. I will ship worldwide however can ONLY include shipping prices for Canadian and American buyers. Others pm me...
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    FS: Espgaluda 2 Black Label Xbox 360 region Free **Now Pictured****SOLD**

    Up for sale is a copy of Espgaluda II Black label for xbox 360. Its in MINT condition and comes with the wrapper aswell. It has the soundtrack cd with it aswell. It has been played but it has been well taken care of. I'd let it go for $50 shipped anywhere in Canada or USA however I will ship...
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    WTB Cheap beat up Last Blade 2 or Top Hunter

    Just like title says. I'm looking for any (working) condition MVS carts Jap or English of Last Blade 2 and Top Hunter. Let me know
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    WTB KOF 98 and MOTW and Last Blade 2 loose

    Looking for a couple of loose carts. KOF 98 and Garou Mark of the Wolves or The Last Blade 2. Can be Japanese or English doesn't matter. As long as its original and original label preferred.
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    Bay78's Winnipeg Christmas BASH!

    When : Tonight @ 8pm December 11/2010 Whats going on? Lots of Pinball: Sorcerer Back to the Future Shaq Attaq Super Mario Bros. Lots of Arcade: Marvel Vs. Capcom Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 Street Fighter III New Generation Super Puzzle Fighter 2 X Gigawing R-TYPE II SVC Chaos SNK Vs. Capcom...
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    WTB Sega I/O for Naomi

    hello everyone. I'm looking for a Sega I/O for naomi. If you have one for sale. Please pm me pics and a shipped price to Canada please. Thank you very much in advance. Bay78