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    Street Fighter VI

    Grumble grumble. I hate it Fuck I'm old
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    ### Post your PIC - Official Thread ###

    Got a head tattoo some months back. I really like it but I'm ambivalent as to wether I should have done so in the first place. Then again its how I feel every other time I get tattooed.
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    Your favourite music collabs

    Not talking about the obvious and undoubtedly good Freddy Bowie thing. What stands out for you as something special. If you can share the song itself here even better. I'll give it a think myself too
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    Ohms the new Deftones album

    They just put this out and I'm listening to it right now. I love it already. Feels streamlined and engaged. The last great album they put out before this in my mind was Diamond Eyes, with Gore being a misstep, hard to listen to for me. I would rate this higher than Diamond Eyes to be honest...
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    Crazy Games and Warp

    Shinya Nishigaki and Kenji Eno... such amazing talents. I guess they stood out for me because what they released was mostly for Sega platforms. Blue Stinger and Illbleed where so broken and busted and yet I loved those games. Illbleed in particular is a weird spectacular mess. And the D, Enemy...
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    What do you consider to be the most impressive looking-sounding-playing 32bit era game?

    Was watching Sega Lord X talk about Panzer Dragoon Zwei and it brought back memories. I'm hard pushed to recall a more impressive game in terms of the realization of the world the game is set in. It's not just a technical marvel, it's conceptually sophisticated to a degree that sets it apart...
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    Preparing for quarantine

    The above mother fucker in question gives me this vibe
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    Happy birthday Karou you crazy bastid

    Nightmare Karou on any given Saturday night looking for some action
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    Happy birthday Karou you crazy bastid

    Have a good one.
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    Any game have a special ending for 1cc' or fastest speed run?

    Since they are a thing amongst gamers these days, admittedly of older games, but I wonder if indie developpers have ever caught on to such an idea? The speed run thing would need online leader board access type thing. But well yeah was just wondering because yeah
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    Movie opinions thread (what have you seen, what did you think?)

    SNK Doc Holliday? Edit: a hedonist who walks a fine line between vice and virtue (this is not accurate but fuck it, let us prevail) Intimately acquainted with death, and so they kill knowing that they will soon die, prematurely. This insight coupled with a particular innate sensibility turns...
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    Game design superstars

    Was thinking about this the other day. The era of the game designer as some sort of celebrity seems to me to have passed. You still have Miyamoto touted as videogame pope, and assorted old school designers carrying their own weight, Kojima and the like. And then there's Hidetaka Miyazaki who is...
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    Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

    I got no stake in this game baby, just calling it how it is
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    Boris wins

    Was there any doubt this would happen? A strong win to boot. Corbyn was born to lose, as is Sanders. There's no place for these guys at the helm. Labour/Democrats will win when they find themselves another Blair/Clinton/Obama. Celebrity is everything.