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    Whopper or Big Mac ?

    Whopper is a fucking salad with a sliver of meat at the bottom. Get all the way the fuck out of here.
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    Neo Geo games you never bothered playing...

    I honestly consider it one of the best games on the system. It shines when playing for 1 credit clears, and in versus mode. If you're just credit feeding through it it's not particularly interesting. But it's got an unbelievable amount of depth to it, on top of being visually and aurally one of...
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    1 Slot PCB won't sync when capturing video

    Yeah, haven't had any issues with it for years. To clarify it works perfectly fine in my cab. Just that it won't capture when using the video out PCB on the Cyberlead.
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    1 Slot PCB won't sync when capturing video

    Hi all, Bit of a headscratcher. I'm using a Cyberlead with a JVS->JAMMA adapter and a 1 slot. MV1C if it matters. When I capture video from the video PCB at the back of the cabinet, I get a black and white output that won't sync. No other JAMMA board I own has this issue. I have tried two...
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    Will Biden eliminate a portion of student debt?

    as much as i think this would be a net good, as the #1 thing holding back younger people from buying houses and starting businesses and so forth is probably student debt, it has almost no chance of coming to fruition i think. there are too many dems who won't hold the line on this one at the...
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    WTB: Famicom carts (looking for bundles)

    I have like infinity loose Fami carts. Can you narrow it down a bit? Like is Japanese text a dealbreaker? etc.
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    What do you think of modern consoles?

    i've got no horse in the pc vs. console debate. pc nerds have a fetish for spending $2k to play league of legends so there's idiocy on both sides. that being said as i've gotten older i don't play games as frequently. this means when i want to play a console game on either ps4 or x1 i need to...
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    FOUND programmer that can program 42 pin DIP

    top3000 is probably the best programmer out there now for short money
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    Happy Birthday ebinsugewa

    i ate steak. it was good. i recommend it
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    Finally deleted my Photobucket account

    shit sucks. one of the best parts of the old internet
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    Happy Birthday ebinsugewa

    thank you brethren!
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    Disc Golf Thread

    disc golf is awesome. the people that play it are mostly not. but it's one of the ever-decreasing number of things you can do in america for free. so give it a shot
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    Finally deleted my Photobucket account

    photobucket is single-handedly responsible for so much lost forum knowledge across tons of different hobbies. car forums especially. fuck photobucket
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    Not sure where else to put this. Video on the similarities of groups

    i don't fuckin know dude i don't subscribe to his livejournal. if you don't live in the US it seems like even less of a reason to comment on american politics but what do i know