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    SOLD Amazon GC $300 -> $250

    This has now been scooped, thanks all.
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    Game not working on Neo Geo MVS

    Yeah if the power supply is the same definitely clean that slot.
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    SOLD Amazon GC $300 -> $250

    Kinda random, but I got a $300 (USD) Amazon gift card through my work. The only problem is I can only use it on the American .com site, not the Canadian .ca site, so I'll just get wrecked with the conversion and duty fees if I try to order anything. Happy to let this go for $250USD. It's a...
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    White Smoke Rises, We Have A New Moderator!

    Awesome congrats Cory. More Canadian representation, go Canada :buttrock:
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    Sega Astro City Mini

    The first AC mini was a hard pass for me, but this lineup really has me tempted. Gonna be tough to play some of those on that tiny ass screen though!
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    Daily Check: What shooters are you guys playing ATM?

    Yes dude, I've been digging into the GB shmup lineup hard this year as well. Just cleared Pop'n Twinbee on my Konami GB Collection, trying to figure out what to play next. Haven't seen Aerostar before, thanks for the tip.
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    Let's talk about this abomination known as Ultracade

    Whoever paid $7k for that abomination got fleeced.
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    Castle of Shikigami 2 (PC/Switch)

    The Dogg knows what's up.
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    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    One second battle mode is fun... for a few seconds.
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    Unported Playlist Part 6 - the Unportening

    Very cool, I have zero familiarity with the Zero Gunner series, now I'm tempted to dive in.
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    Samurai Shodown V Perfect releases on eXa Arcadia

    They only sell a multi slot version. It supports 4 games simultaneously.
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    Shaft Cover or No Shaft Cover

    Hell nah, they ugly
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    More Cave on the Smitch

    Is Switch region locked?