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    Front AV on Bandridge Switch No Video Issue

    Hmmm I am unsure of which type of sync the cables are actually, I can’t remember at this point. For the Genesis, I get video but it’s choppy and the colors are off, the audio produced a lot of interference, if I plug into the Genny directly (via the front headphone jack) the sound is fine...
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    Front AV on Bandridge Switch No Video Issue

    So just moved and pulled out my PVM 20M2MDU with my manual bandridge switch (GB purchase from the forum) Hooked everything back up, I have leads for a SNES, PS1/PS2, Model 1 Genesis. My BNC/audio breakout was made by Yodd, he also provided me the other scart cables mentioned a handful of...
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    Car Enthusiast Thread

    Man that is pretty horrible, I didnt even know this was a thing now. Before manufacturers used to just charge for a new update, but at least you got to use it until it became outdated. I just bought a new vehicle last year as well with nav and it has a crap interface, as most are. Still, stuff...
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    New Ninja Turtles cartoon looks...

    aaaaaaand i just puked up my dinner *ack*
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    Shoryuken To Close At End Of Month. N-G Lives On.

    Wait, there’s another forum outside of that exists to talk about video games? :keke:
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    Anyone here collect toys/Action Firgures?

    Nice pickup! Feral rex was my first 3P Combiner and although he’s old I think he still has one of the best overall aesthetics of any combiner out there, same goes for their bot modes. My TFC Thousandkills came in today! Piranacon was my most loved set as a child and this guy looks great. Cant...
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    which gaming monitor do you use?

    PC gets a LG 29UM68-P Ultrawide 1080P at 75hz. it’s a entry level UW but damn, it’s the way to go, that extra screen real estate is nice! Retro monitor is a PVM 20M2MDU
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    Anyone here collect toys/Action Firgures?

    nice! MP-10 is pretty awesome, but i dont feel the same way about mp-11 starscream. I had all the seekers with the exception of skywarp, but they are a pain in the ass to play with and pose, just a floppy mess all i sold them all haha. Also, just a heads up in case you didnt...
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    Mobile phones

    Damn some old ass phones up in here. I thought my 6S plus was starting to get old. I like my phablet, it’s gotta headphone jack (but I have BT headphones), and it still runs fast. TBH I never noticed the degradation of performance due to this batterygate issue. I think that it’s cause I use it...
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    LIght Gun games

    oh man, im a huge light gun fan! this is a great thread to see! I recently picked up the Silent Scope Pelican rifle for xbox with the silent scope collection. It works horribly right now, but i think ill need to play around a bit more and tweak it a bit. Seen some guys on YT have success with...
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    EDM n00b here - Looking for recommendations

    Ya if you're just getting into electronic music, definitely listen to everything and you'll begin to find out what you do and don't like. Find a genre and you dig then find artists within it. You'll likely gravitate towards one over time. Anyways if you look over to the BBC radio shows, they...
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    FS: Blaze VGA Adapter and Total Control Adapters for DC

    Price drop bumps! $75 shipped
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    FS: Blaze VGA Adapter and Total Control Adapters for DC

    Take it all for $110 shipped