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    RIP Andréa Meyer (Haugen) and those killed in the Norway "terror" attack

    I do live in the US. Murder, nevermind a terror attack of any kind in Norway is almost unheard of. I live in New Orleans. Our murder rate is unbelivable. And the amount of innocent people and especially children killed here is unreal. Whenever I hear of anyone being killed I feel bad because...
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    HBD Kernow!

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    Neo Secret Santa 2021

    Want me to add you to the list brudda?
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    Moving Is Going To Be Insane.

    Moving is done. Everything survived including Big Red. I'd forgotten how heavy she was. Thanks for all of the suggestions. They helped a lot and made the whole process easier.
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    WTB - working x68000 in the US

    Someone get this man one now. He'll probably do incredible things with it and make awesome videos about it.
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    Spooktober Games - Recommendations and more

    Eternal Darkness of course.
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    Neo Secret Santa 2021

    It's that time of the year again! Want to get an early start this year. Especially with all the chaos that has been going on. This will let the maximum number of members participate. Welcome to Neo Secret Santa 2021. Gutzyclaus is comin' to town. To keep it fun for everyone involved, there's a...
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    HBD fami

    Happy belated bro!
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    Happy birthday ROT

    Happy belated Rot Lad.
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    Unused KOF 94 Designs

    I love pre production art. It's always fascinating. Go look at MKII or SFII pre production art. Some of it is bonkers. Baraka was a human and Claw was a damn knight!
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    Hurricane Ida

    We need to write the screenplay asap!
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    Hurricane Ida

    Apparently people around there actually feed them so it was bound to happen eventually.
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    Norm MacDonald dead at 61

    The man roasted Bob Saget's roast. That's genius. Rip to a legend.
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    Museum of Pinball Closes, Auctioning Everything

    Super sucks. I hope this doesn't end up happening tp Galloping Ghost. It's on my bucket list.