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    Good bye VBulletin -> Hello XenForo

    Well done, nice to have the forum back.
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    FS: MVS Carts (mostly football games)

    Up, still for sale.
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    FS: MVS Carts (mostly football games)

    Selling these MVS carts, all of them original and quite clean, tested working. Shipping from Spain, no problem on shipping overseas but we'll have to check the shipping fee beforehand. Links to wallapop (selling platform in Spain) because of lazyness, if I have to take the links down let me...
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    Magician Lord CD with AES/MVS fixed sound

    Came across this video on other NG forum, found it quite interesting. Here's is the link to the webpage for the image, Gonna try it on the SD Loader. Cheers.
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    Neo Geo CD with graphical glitches

    Hello there! I've recently bought another ngcd (I know, really, I do know) and this unit has graphical glitches, otherwise works perfectly fine. Tried swapping the CDA board with my other ngcd (which works just fine) but the problem is still there, so I'm ruling the CDA board out of the...
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    Original label?

    Hello guys, I'm having a discussion with a potential seller about a Real Bout Fatal Fury MVS english, for which he claims that the label is original. Here are the pics of the label on both the cart and the box. I think is a repro label, not very good printed and worse cutted. Opinions...
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    WTB RAD2X for NGCD

    Well, yesterday they restocked cables and, as usual, I missed out and by the time I tried to buy one was already sold out, yet again. So if somebody wants to part ways with his RAD2X it will be more than welcome at my home.
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    Will arcade machines be reduced to This?
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    NeoGeo CD SD Loader

    I've used the search but didn't find anything on the topic. They are releasing an sd loader for the NGCD, allegedly in a month or so. For me it's great news if the load times are OK, we'll wait and see but I plan on buying one from the first batch just to give...
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    FF KOF '99 MVS Graphical Glitches

    Hello everyone! I'm giving out for free (just shipping costs) a KOF'99 MVS game that has graphical glitches, as you can see in this vid Boards seem OK to me and trying to fix (with my skills) will surely result in doing more harm than good so I'm giving it out for free to whoever wants to...
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    MV1C + Neo Geo X Dock. Is it possible?

    Hello! Have anybody tried to fit an MV1C on a Neo Geo X Dock like these ones selling on AE? Used the search feature but didn't find anything about it.