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    Arcade viable in this day and age?

    Little kids will play whatever is there. There's also a reason why more and more arcades closed. Redemption games might be fun once, but they have no replay value.
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    Arcade viable in this day and age?

    I think what you meant to say was "I know our mall arcade went out because they pulled everything out except ddr and redemption machines." ~I think you should do whatever you want, don't let anyone scare you out of doing something awesome. I think most of the arcades that fail/failed fail...
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    Item pulled: please close

    I love that Aero City, it's super cute.
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    What's America's temperature for another war?

    I was looking at your page because I used to ride nothing but Supernaut skateboards. They were an awesome company.
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    New SNK Handheld [Official...believe it or not]

    I've heard it suggested that the price in that story was meant to be a joke, reminiscent of the old days when the AES was $700 or whatever.
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    Fav. classic game soundtracks

    O1CRj_kbbDc 7RFYujbEvd4 OFu7DAkgLag
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    The Walking Dead TV series courtesy of AMC.

    If Lori has a miscarriage this may happen, depending on what caused the zombie illness to kick in after death. I'm leaning towards high levels of radiation from the Venusion satellite. 4AdWJalP1vo
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    Fighter meet in Nor Cal

    Thanks BIGTIME. I need to go back out there and redeem myself then :D
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    Fighter meet in Nor Cal

    I know they (Southtown) are running the KOF XIII ranbats on console now, but do you know if they have it wired to an arcade cab, or if it's like a bring your own stick thing. I'd like to go out to one again, but it would be kinda stupid to play a PS3 in an arcade when they have all them nice...
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    Is SNKP finished after KOF XIII?

    I fixed that for you.
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    The Walking Dead TV series courtesy of AMC.

    I was talking with my friend about this show a few weeks ago. I said that the only thing that would redeem this show at this point would be for them to find Sofia in the barn. We both agreed that that would be too awesome and it would never happen.
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    The King of Fighters XIII Game Play Thread

    Where is this '98 thread at?
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    The Walking Dead TV series courtesy of AMC.

    That's a homage to Universal Soldier I think. I think the reason that this show is getting very boring for most people, it's because it's no longer a travel story. They haven't left that damn farm this entire season and it doesn't look like they are going to any time soon. As far as Daryl...
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    The Walking Dead TV series courtesy of AMC.

    Daryl is the best character in this show, I think he's carrying the whole damn group. Riding around on a chopper with a crossbow and tracking people like an Indian...he's like some kind of zombie apocalypse super hero.