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    Taito Egret II Mini

    I'd be tempted if they made a bartop sized version, maybe like a 13-19inch screen. It looks dope but I know this would get about a weeks worth of play before it's placed back in the box and goes on the shelf. To expensive for a plastic paperweight.....
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    Interest Check: Dark Souls, Bloodborne, Star Wars, and Hori Vewlix Stick

    Bump:up: PM's replied to Just a heads up for those who have messaged me about the hori vlx stick, overseas shipping is going to be a shit ton $$$ so if possible I'd like to stick to the US/Canada for that beast of an arcade stick.
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    Understanding neo geo copy protection

    Wishing you luck on your bootlegs :-J
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    FOUND: PlayStation 3 (w Dark Souls and Fallout 3 ?)

    Sounds good, I'll look this weekend but I believe I might have a fatso og model too.
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    FOUND: PlayStation 3 (w Dark Souls and Fallout 3 ?)

    I've got a super slim PS3 w/ ac cord and controller. $125 shipped sound good? I don't have Dark Souls but I do have the collectors edition of Demon Souls if you'd be interested in that.
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    Interest Check: Dark Souls, Bloodborne, Star Wars, and Hori Vewlix Stick

    Decided to go through some of my random boxes of video game related stuff and was wondering if anyone would be interested in any of these items. I would much rather offer them up to forum members with a discount before looking to sell/trade elsewhere. I’ve included some google pics for reference...
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    Inherited a $7000 bottle of bourbon

    Very cool and unique inheritance. If you guys are set on selling this I would suggest going the auction route or getting in touch with a high end liquor buyer/seller that might be local. As much of a fan of liquor you've got yourself a real rare bird here and I would be hard pressed to sip on...
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    Finally got a PS5

    Dat Demon Souls remaster though :drool_2:
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    Midwest Gaming Classic

    It's that time of year again..... November 5th - 7th How about a roll call? I'll be arriving Friday afternoon with plenty to drink with my partner in crime @CatMatingCall
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    Arcademan Master of Birthdays it's your turn!

    Happy birthday bruva!
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    Happy Birthday Sylvie

    Happy Birthday Sylvie! 🎂🥂👑
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    Hyper Neo Geo 64 MOBO w/ Buriki One Cart

    Willing to ship to my bruvah's in the north aka Canukistan at actual cost. All games/consoles/PCB's are original and very clean, no Yaton diaper box specials here. Any questions feel free to ask. Payment via PayPal f&f or add 4% for fees please. Loving reach-around's also accepted. ****...
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    One game, just one.

    I feel you on this bruva, Ninja Master's is my jam! :ninja: