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    SOTM October 2022 Voting

    BB has gotten MUCH better in latest updates, it’s very solid now
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    PS3/PSP/Vita stores shutting down

    I think you would need an older one for 480i support, PS3 seems to be the best option for Netflix on a SD CRT via RGB currently
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    What 1 Game NEEDS a Port?

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    PS3/PSP/Vita stores shutting down

    It sucks that this will probably break video streaming apps like Hulu that require a PSN connection too. What a bummer.
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    ALL GONE: MVS Mega Sale [Garou MOTW, Last Blade 1&2, Metal Slug 5, Strikers 1945 Plus]

    Hey everyone, I'm trimming down my MVS collection and letting some games go. All games are original, pictures included below but if you want any extra pics of anything just give me a shout. Prices are without shipping, looking to keep sales within the US for now. Willing to consider offers...
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    SOLD: NeoSD MVS - $330 shipped within US

    Hey guys, I've got a nice NeoSD MVS cart up for sale, works great and comes with shockbox from SAG. This was the "Complete Edition" they sold for $450 and it has had minimal use. Also of note, the PCBs were already flipped (IIRC by SAG) so the label faces normal with a vertical slot setup...
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    SOTM August 2020: Thunder Dragon 2

    Standard arcade options, autofire allowed Name - Score - Stage - Side (1/2P) - PCB/MAME ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ radiantsvgun - 1,393,000 - Stage 4 - P2 - PCB - No Autofire kuze - 906,890 - Stage 4 - P1 - PCB - Autofire egg_sanwich -...
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    SOTM August 2020 Voting Thread - NMK!

    Looking at past months, I think we are due an NMK month. Which game sounds good to you guys?
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    Best Ramen / Noodle Cup

    What's your favorite microwavable noodle/ramen bowl, brand + flavor? I recently discovered the Paldo Kimchi flavor, that one has got to be my current favorite.
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    PRO-POW3 PSU Non-Genny Replacement

    Anyone have a link to a good tested PRO-POW3 replacement that puts out clean power and has no screen interference? I'd like to avoid buying another Model 1 Genesis PSU that ends up being on its last legs. Thanks for any recommendations!
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    SOTM May 2019: Mushihimesama

    Most folks will probably play this on an Xbox 360 or the Steam/PC version. If playing the 360 release, please select 'Xbox 360' mode. All ports including PS2, Xbox 360 and PC are accepted. If anyone wants to submit scores for the Matsuri 1.5 mode available as DLC please be sure to indicate...
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    SOTM May 2019 Vote Thread

    Option 1: Mahou Daisakusen AKA Sorcer Striker Option 2: Strania: The Stella Machina Option 3: Mushihimesama :vik:
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    SOTM February 2019: Truxton & Prehistoric Isle 2

    Initial score for me - really fun game! Will be giving it some good practice this month. kuze - 106,910 - Area 32 - MAME
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    WTB: Working Nanao MS2930/2931/2933 Chassis

    Hey guys, I received a Windy 2 with a non-working monitor. The tube is a Toshiba A68KZN696X, so according to the AO wiki it should be compatible with a Nanao MS2930, MS2931, or MS2933 chassis. Anyone have a working spare they wouldn't mind letting go of? LMK, thanks!
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    SOTM May 2018: DoDonPachi Daifukkatsu 1.5

    DDP DFK 1.5 360, MAME, Steam and PCB formats accepted. Arcade defaults, one credit only. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- ##. Username - Score - Stage - Ship/Type - PCB/MAME/etc...