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    SBF, the classical narcissist who thinks he can BS his way out of jail.
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    Got laid off...less than a month before xmas

    If it is any solace, I hope you can enjoy some time off and spend time with the family. When i was laid off, I got to spend 6+ months of quality time with my 6month old daughter. It was stressful to find another job but I am glad I got to raise her everyday for such an extended period of time...
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    Got laid off...less than a month before xmas

    Sorry man, this is terrible. Hope you find another job asap!
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    Weekly Roundup

    Finished A Plague's Tale: Innocence this week, which was ok. I like everything about the game except the gameplay, it is a chore to play due to sneaking/crappy combat, but the presentation/production is amazing. Started to play Vampire Survivors immediately, and it is very addictive. I...
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    It is faith investing/gambling.
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    Analogue Pocket

    You can load PCE roms already since the core is available. Other cores/roms you can load are NeoGeo/SNES/NES/Genesis and a few other arcade games.
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    Arcade1up better than real cabs?

    I hooked up the Mister with some crappy PC monitor, and it looks fantastic. I daresay, it is pretty damn close to a PVM/BVM but cost like nothing. With Mister, you can add scanlines and what not to make it look like a CRT, and these monitors usually have fairly decent video tweaking options to...
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    Cost of living increases where you live

    I have heard ancedotally that insurance (auto in particular) has gone up. I prepaid for the year last March, so it will be interesting next year. Otherwise, everything has gone up 20-50%, and in some extreme instances, 100%.
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    Sports Thread

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    Google to shut down Stadia

    I have fios too, but i have been having issues with YT more frequently.
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    Google to shut down Stadia

    I can't even watch youtube reliably at 720p, and they think streaming games will work? LOL
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    Movie opinions thread (what have you seen, what did you think?)

    Wow, this poster is fantastic.
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    Pixeljunkie selling almost everything...seriously - PCE, Neo, Vita...everything

    VIta, especially OLED, is such a beautiful system. I think it will be very desirable soon.
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    NBA season 21/22

    They named Mazzulla as the interim coach, even though he has very little pro experience and has a shady past himself.