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    Xbox series s plus game pass

    Yes GP is good, but recommend buying it during holiday seasons to make it a better deal.
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    Sen. Dianne Feinstein dies at 90

    Weekend at Bernie's in Congress
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    Car Enthusiast Thread

    I have always liked the Flex, but wife doesn't so minivan it is. 20" is too big for a car like that, no one thinks you are in Fast n Furious anyway and more rubber is much better for crappy roads.
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    Happy Birthday, neo_moe

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    Alan Arkin is dead.

    RIP, love his small scene in Grosse Point Blank
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    And now here they are!

    Nice, it is so good because it skips all the terrible conversation and human interaction in most of the current movies.
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    More money than brains

    CEO took this to heart
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    More money than brains

    SB controller is overkill, it should have used an Atari 2600 controller instead.
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    NBA Season 22/23

    They got a terrible contract, if they don't win next year they are in the hole for a long time.
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    NBA Season 22/23

    Congrats to the Nuggets, a well deserved championship. Jokic is a beast and super efficient.
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    Car Enthusiast Thread

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    I Got Married!

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    Spring 2023 pics thread

    I think the picture could be taken a little higher so you can see both the actual top of the trees and their reflections. Otherwise it looks good! Keep in mind I don't know the first thing about photography, just my own impression.
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    NBA Season 22/23

    The Joker's stat lines are ridiculous. He is so damn good.