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    Analogue Pocket

    I got mine in a couple days ago but no dock, which I'm still waiting on. I'm not hot on the dpad and buttons, and it weighs a little more than I expected, but the screen looks beautiful and all the cores I've tried feel lag-free. I pulled off some fairly difficult combos with cancels in Garou...
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    LF: Armored Core Games (PS2)

    As the title suggests, I’m looking for complete Armored Core titles on the ps2. Just finished project phantasma on ps1 and am looking to keep going. I don’t own any of the titles right now, so shoot me a DM with what you have, condition and how much $$$ you’d like. Thanks y’all!
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    Pixeljunkie selling almost everything...seriously - PCE, Neo, Vita...everything

    package arrived today, everything in immaculate shape as usual. if you’re on the fence, buy w/ confidence!
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    My Gameboy Advance collection on eBay GameValueNow has all these loose carts right around $1,000. 40+ games in this lot, including Mario titles, RPGs, a couple import titles and even a couple complete games. Lots of nice cases as well.
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    Found! Thank you!
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    WTB: Japanese Dreamcast Fighting Games

    Hey all, I don’t collect much these days but I feel like I keep coming back to Dreamcast fighters and I’d like to have a few more on my shelf. I wanted to drop a line and see if anyone out there is looking to unload some import fighters on the Dreamcast on the cheap or a reasonable price. So...
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    Petition for Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 2 & 3 HD Remaster

    Hey, I just saw this shared on another forum and signed the petition. As of right now over 22,000 people have signed. I'm just sharing this because I love both Budokai Tenkaichi 2 and 3. Probably won't make a difference, but why not try...
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    NVM got it

    Looking for a cart of Martial Masters! Let me know which region you have and your asking price. Thx! :multi_co:
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    Using video projectors for gaming

    Does anyone have any experience using a video projector for gaming? If so, can you share any tips you might have for getting low latency and a decent picture? I’ll be playing a combination of HD stuff like Nintendo Switch and older systems like Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, Sega Saturn via the...
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    FS: Everything but especially these video games (also art books and manga)

    Hey all. Unemployment and CARES check are both in limbo, but that's OK because I have all these games to sell you. :mr_t: I tried to price everything out using GameValueNow, PriceCharting and, in some cases, eBay (ew). If something seems a little high, let me know. Similarly, if you think I've...
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    All sold, nothing to see here

    Hello - Selling off a couple things that I've had for a while. Prices include shipping to continental USA. I prefer PayPal/Venmo. Not looking for trades at the moment. Let me know if my prices are way off as this stuff is pretty hard to find/gauge and eBay prices seem insane/impossibly high...
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    A free gift with every purchase... SALE

    :multi_co: Here's the deal - I'm looking to sell a lot and do it fast. I've held out for 2 years but it's time for a second car in the house - sharing one isn't cutting it. But don't worry, this isn't out of desperation. I've been meaning to make a new sales thread for months, I promise. I...
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    New MacBook Pro owner; what are your apps/tips for a first time user?

    Title says it all. Just copped a 13" MacBook Pro (2019 model) and not much else. I plan on getting a magic mouse asap, but wanted to know if any of you had pointers, useful accessories or worthwhile apps to recommend. Thanks! :multi_co:
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    Vending at a game convention for the first time tomorrow. Any tips?

    Hey all, selling a massive chunk of my collection at MoGameCon in Missouri tomorrow. Does anyone have any tips or pointers for someone who has never tabled before?
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    SOLD: PC Engine Core Grafx II with Super SD System 3

    Hey all, looking to sell the following as a bundle: PC Engine Core Grafx II Console with matching controller and 3rd party A/V cable and AC adapter (most likely Sega brand) Super SD System 3 comes with the original box and a 32 GB microSD card. I believe the board is the first revision (I got...