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    Steam Deck Portable PC Games Hardware

    Kudos to them for acknowledging this gap. Like I said, I have so many indie games that only support Xbox controllers unless you go with 3rd party apps.
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    $950 for cutting M for 10 seconds is good money if you can get it!

    im terrified of all my moles.... What do they not check them at my annual?
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    Anyone still playing Warhammer 40K these days? (tabletop game)

    The citadel technical paints are awesome. I dont have many contrast paints, but I need to get some of the browns. I have a wet palette, but I'm too stuck in my methods. I use cheap plastic palettes, and I'm just accustomed to it. There's a bit of madness going on with my palette's, but it's...
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    Anyone still playing Warhammer 40K these days? (tabletop game)

    I do feel like my painting has a hit a wall sometimes, but there's only one way to get better. Experimentation. I take a lot more chances with my boardgame mini's, and I think that's helping me break some stagnant techniques.
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    WTB: Zelda Artifact

    i was going to suggest looking for a zelda store marquee or advertisement.
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    Anybody completely remove sugar from their diet?

    I do not add sugar to anything, but it's really hard to avoid sugar or corn syrup overall....
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    The NEC PC-FX; an eight part video series that will probably fail

    Der Langrisser if you can manage the lack of translation. It's the best version of Langrisser
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    Steam Deck Portable PC Games Hardware

    Everyone expecting plug and play experiences in these games are going to be sorely disappointed. Expect lengthy sessions of custom control configuration for anything that hasn't partnered with the launch.
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    Car Enthusiast Thread

    maybe goon in SoCal is still cool, but we only use that to describe goofs in my area.
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    Car Enthusiast Thread

    why a Camino when there is the subaru Brat? or the new Hyundai Santa Cruz
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    Cowboy Bebop Netflix

    This is my new favorite burn...
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    Cowboy Bebop Netflix

    There is no way this isnt a hot piece of garbage.... The only casting that works is the dog...
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    Movie opinions thread (what have you seen, what did you think?)

    we had a friend recommend Malignant. They got us good. This is a shit horror movie, with college project cinematography and rigid acting. Watch the first 15 minutes, then watch the last 15 minutes. The rest is nonsense.... I never really liked this friend in the first place, and now i have a...
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    yeah. sleep study. i dont think most people are sleeping well enough these days. CPAPs dont have the same stigma as being for fat fucks like they used to.
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    Norm MacDonald dead at 61

    my mind straight to cocaine... but it was the other C.... sad I have randomly been watching his videos recently too.