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    Movie opinions thread (what have you seen, what did you think?)

    I legitimately liked Event Horizon.... Which reminds me of a cringeworthy memory. I had a date where I invited a girl over and we watched this movie. Except all we did was watch the movie, because I really liked it. It took me a good year to realize what I had done....
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    What was your SAT score?

    Never took the SAT. I did do the PSAT. No recollection of the score, but it was enough to get me access to scholarships. ACT was ok. the scale has changed, so these are not very comparable to when I was in school. I think the first time my Math etc was all 31-33, but my reading or...
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    Diablo Immortal is a giant pile of shit.

    The negative press did kill my interest in this game. I was having fun playing it casually. Great cross platform play and mobile integration. It was seamless jumping from PC to iPAD. There really is a solid game there buried under it all. The microtransactions layers are so perfected they...
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    Unported Playlist...all the unported arcade game videos moving forward

    doood. Primal Rage is ridiculously underrated. The problem is you can play it like street fighter, but that's not really how it works. Primal Rage 2 looks goofy tho.
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    TMNT: Shredder's Revenge. IMO the first perfect game of 2022

    I'd say multiplayer is the only weakness for this game. The endless taunting to charge power moves was getting old.
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    BEST TV Shows to watch... CURRENTLY...

    I can handle a little wokeness, but it spans the entire Season 3 of Orville. It's not a small side plot, it is the only plot. I can accept that every new YA netflix show has at least 1 bipoc and 1 asian in a group of 4 teenage kids. One of which will absolutely be gay. It's a lot of...
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    Return of the US military draft in the future?

    Tank treads it is.
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    Return of the US military draft in the future?

    They are using these fear statements as marketing to get more funding. There's no concern for the draft outside of a war. The Air Force does this over and over about a "Pilot Shortage". My friend who is a pilot for the Air Force says this all the time. Yet, I ask him why the Navy has no...
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    Arcade1up better than real cabs?

    Ok. I just met a friend who has a whole bunch of 1ups and the new pinball.... I do not understand having an arcade of Arcade 1ups... At that point there are so many better options.
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    I was really hoping for Cat customization as well. They have the other cat models in the game, so it would have been nice. I'm assuming the lead designer owns a Tabby. I had a laughing fit when you first get the harness. My Cat does the exact same thing. Flopped on the ground, and then...
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    Would you want to work a different job everyday?

    I had a job that was very different every week working as consultant in genetic analysis methods. Sometimes it was AgBio....sometimes Clinical Pathology...sometimes a Major university or even Community Colleges. It was challenging, and I enjoyed it immensely. Every year was different. . Some...
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    Anyone still playing Warhammer 40K these days? (tabletop game)

    I can see that being an interesting setting, but I have no interest in wrastlin.
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    BEST TV Shows to watch... CURRENTLY...

    I think I'm done with The Orville. Season 3 is an entire session on gender roles, but it's aliens instead.... -This race doesnt like men. -This other race doesnt like women... -This person doesnt like Aliens. -The robots were treated like slaves... Don't Worry! The Union is here to save the...
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    Anyone still playing Warhammer 40K these days? (tabletop game)

    Their new stuff is probably similar. Reaper still carries a lot of older models though.
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    Anyone still playing Warhammer 40K these days? (tabletop game)

    This is correct. GWs 28mm stuff is essentially 32mm heroic. But they've increased the overall size of everything.