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    [SOLD] Fast Striker 1.6 MVS Reprint Game Center + Extras

    Thanks for looking. Reserve the right to refuse to sell to anyone. This is an FS MVS reprint Game Center kit with a bunch of extras. Comes with one (1) MVS copy of the game, one (1) sealed CD soundtrack, and a whole bunch of extra kit bits as pictured. Works great and is a fantastic game...
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    MVS Street Hoop + AF2 + PI2 + Blazing Star + more

    Closed, sold items retained for reference with prices Sold items Prehistoric Isle 2 MVS with shock box. $90 (Pending) Omega CMVS- this is a stock MV1C (no unibios, mono audio). Comes with RGB Euro SCART, component, and composite/s-video cables. The internal volume POT is set at a low...
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    5V US AES picture warping

    Any idea what could be causing this issue? Occurs with both composite and RGB input for a 13 inch PVM and an LCD (but is much less noticeable on the LCD). LCD composite: PVM composite: PVM RGB:
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    SOLD RBFF AES (loose) + working memory card

    RBFF JP AES loose + working memory card RBFF comes with soft case (cracking) + printed insert Bundle price $52 + shipping SOLD
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    WTB: AES Dog Tags

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    [GONE] 8-inch PVM- for cost of shipping or free pickup (LI, NY)

    8-inch PVM- free, but whoever claims it pays shipping. Local pickup for free. I reserve the right to refuse a request. Has a minor, but likely fixable, issue.
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    WTB: Metal Slug 2 AES JP

    Looking for an original JP AES home cart. :snack:
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    Diagonal green lines on PVM

    Just curious about these and what the problem might be. I am a neophyte with the PVM. Thank you for the help in advance.
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    ASO II Last Guardian AES

    I apologize if this is in the wrong subforum, wasn't sure where it should go. I am but a lowly peasant who does not normally collect AES games, but have made an exception for my sixth most favorite neo shooter. I won an auction for ASO II Last Guardian (Japanese), complete for a little over...
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    SSV MVS Kit Comes with everything pictured. $160 shipped in the US ($154 via gift). Very nice kit. Willing to ship internationally, but buyer pays full shipping cost and payment is via paypal gift only. :mr_t: SOLD
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    Alles Gute zum Geburtstag

    Guten tag Tak. Arzt Pilz wird es hasse, dass ich hier gepostet. :vik:
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    Happy Birthday Tak

    And congrats to Deutschland :mr_t:
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    WTB: Art of Fighting 3 AES (or MVS)

    :up: JP AES preferred, but up for anything.