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    Where the hell is Phix....????

    Hi, Just posting to apologise to every one (Chris & Daryl ) as Rot said ive not been well and both your stuff will be posted this week no later !! i wont go into details as to why ive not been on as its health/family issues wich are still being sorted . Again sorry Garry
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    Guilty Gear X2 EU tournie

    They locked it to european players only , unlike SFA wich they screwed up by puttin the US in the same domestic slot
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    Guilty Gear X2 EU tournie

    Due to us Europeans not being able to play against the Americans, I thought I'd set up a tournament for us! I've penned it for Saturday March 26th at 7PM To meet up, come into IRC channel #GrandViper on Quakenet. Alternatively, connect using your browser via the link on the front page of...
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    Pm sent :mr_t:
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    AES Console, Phantom and MVS Carts/Kits For Sale

    Hi there, Items i currently have for sale are as follows AES Console (048520) £110 Phantom 1 Blue mvs convertor ( In cart Shell ) £150 SOLD Boxed New style stick £30 Kof 02 MVS Kit £45 On Hold Kof 03 MVS Kit £55 Loose MVS carts - Metal Slug 1 £30 SOLD Metal Slug 2 £30 (On Hold) Puzzle Bobble...
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    kof2004? what is this?

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    Wanted: Neo Scart Cable

    Try Raven games @ they do 2 versions ... Its standard 8 pin din connection
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    KOF2k2 Overstruggle dvd

    Every time i try to view it says you are not allowed to view this page :crying: No fair :help:
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    KOF2k2 Overstruggle dvd

    Yea there is a sweet third strike combo dvd aint cheap though ... Even if some one could rip the one that came with the LTD edition ps2 that would be sweet :buttrock:
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    KOF2k2 Overstruggle dvd

    Cheers for that Lads it loooks really good
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    Damn i reallt wanna play but cant find my cd :crying: Care to hook me up ???
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    Best online 2d fighter?

    SFAC followed closley by CvS2 , GG is just too laggy