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    Anyone here collect toys/Action Figures?

    Seeing the insecticons reminded me of this. A few months back, I was looking through an old photo album at my parents' house, and came across this one. Circa Christmas 85/86. I couldn't figure out what that box next to me was at first, but it's Sectaurs. Apparently there was a short-lived TV...
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    Chat message

    Theres something to be said for sloppy drunk college sex I suppose. But while I drink nowadays, I dont really get drunk like that. And my wife rarely drinks at all.
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    Chat message

    I mean, I'm down for nasty stuff sober, so I dont need lower inhibitions or anything. But when I was a teenager or early 20s, I suppose drinking helped lubricate the situation.
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    Chat message

    You never have? Or maybe you were black out shitfaced.
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    Happy Birthday Syn

    Hey, happy birthday, brother. I still think of you as Synbiosfan. :D Hope you're having a great day.
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    Can Americans and Canadians tell each other part by their accents?

    Living in West Michigan, it's more difficult. Lots of yooperish accents around here. Not everyone, though, it's weird. Like my next door neighbor who's lived here his whole life sounds like anyone from Detroit/Toledo (like me). But my neighbor behind my house who has also lived here her whole...
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    TMNT Cowabunga Collection

    A helpful tip for the original NES TMNT is to switch to a different turtle if you pick up a special weapon that you like. Particularly the powerful scroll weapon which makes the final technodrome level much easier to get through. The thing is that when you're slicing your way through a slog of...
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    Metal Jesus Rocks Neo Geo

    I came across this new Metal Jesus overview video of Neo Geo hardware and games today. It features collector John Hancock. Have at it, fellas.
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    NEO TURF MASTERS: Los Turfes Club! Score Thread.

    Profholt82 | -6 | USA | German | PS2 | 8 credits | Difficulty 5
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    NEO TURF MASTERS: Los Turfes Club! Score Thread.

    profholt82 | -4 | Germany | German | PS2 | 10 credits | Difficulty 5 The window was open when I shot the pics, I think that's why they look like they're coated in scrote sweat.