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    Metal Slug 3 Review

    US Title: Metal Slug 3 Japanese Title: Metal Slug 3 By: SNK Year: 2000 Size: 708 Megs Home Release? Yes MVS Release? Yes CD Release? No Slightly Substandard Review of the Game That Does Not Even Need to be Reviewed Because it is so Good. Reviews Exist for Bad Games like Batman...
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    Neo Geo X Gold System details and price announced!

    FYI. Neoqueef linked to this thread. If you were wondering.
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    Secret Santa 2012. email up. see first post for entry info.

    Mine will go out soon. Just have to finish exams before I do something! So forgive a little lateness, my giftee when you get it.
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    The Hobbit Thread.

    Ron Howard's career in a nutshell.
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    Is Babylon 5 still good?

    I remember never being able to get into it, but always hearing people rave. The CG was always horrible though... I was a DS9 dude (post Season 2).
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    Another Rampage: Man fires 50 shots at California Mall Parking Lot

    Melt all the guns into flower pots.
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    Connecticut Elementary School Shooting (AKA "Gun Control Debate" thread...)

    He had me at the Venture Bros avatar.
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    The Hobbit Thread.

    Hobbits The Hobbit: An Unexpected Money The HobbIIt The Hobbit 2: The Rehobbening The Hobbit Too: Look Who is Hobbit Now
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    Well…tried to stop some domestic abuse and got a knife pulled on me.

    Good job. But as a "Liberal" myself, I'm totally cool with people conceal carrying.
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    Connecticut Elementary School Shooting (AKA "Gun Control Debate" thread...)

    Yeah, well, you know, Denmark and shit.
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    Connecticut Elementary School Shooting (AKA "Gun Control Debate" thread...)

    Why is no one talking about arming children?
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    The Hobbit Thread.

    Isn't it obvious that a fantasy film with a medieval-ish aesthetic requires only the highest of technology? Not the right film for the tech, but this is the same studio/director that thought they could make three films out of it. Sorry to hear it was so dreadfully boring.