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    Xeno Crisis coming to Neo Geo

    Nice to see Xeno Crisis has been released. Seems its been available for some time, I totally missed it given I have been away from the scene mostly.
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    Universe Bios 4.0 MVS/AES released!

    Hi, I'm good, just not so active right now with NeoGeo things.
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    Inviyya Neo Geo W.I.P.

    Very nice work!
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    Controller issues

    That screen you are seeing has nothing to do with the UniBios. But I would say that you should try the game in console mode given on AES, in arcade mode the unibios needs to put the system into developer mode. The screen looks like something dev related.
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    wheres the unibios sticky?

    Goto the universebios homepage and read through the how it works section.
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    PICKnMIX Help & Support thread.

    I would try a different cart.
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    Problems with controls on Metal Slug 3 MVS

    Set unibios to console mode, then go into the pre-game menu options and set up the buttons as you want them. This might help.
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    Missing SMD part on MV-1B

    Please keep comments in English.
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    UNIVERSE BIOS v4 is now free.

    no, its just the standard v4 for now.
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    UNIVERSE BIOS v4 is now free.

    As some of you know I have stopped selling the UNIVERSE BIOS last year. As of today you can download the latest versions from the download section at Please note that this does not give one the right or permission to start selling it on eBay or any other website. If you...
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    Unibios errors on CMVS

    The region is stored in backupram and its corrupted. If if does not fix by setting a new region you will need to open it up and remove the battery for a few minutes and then reseet it.
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    Unibios errors on CMVS

    Check power supply and also disable arcade protect to get back into the menu.
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    Problems with making mvs conversion game

    No need for this thread to continue.
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    Neo Geo 4 Slot booting to Slot 2

    It all depends on the game in slot 1. Games with the older jingle will always take priority over games with the newer progear spec jingle.
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    Universe Bios 4.0 MVS/AES released!

    It cannot be bought at the moment as the webpage says.