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    FS: AES systems, games, mvs boards, mvs carts/partial kits

    PM Sent for Samurai Shodown AES.
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    The Complete Death Of Video Game Publications

    Edge is pretty much all I read anymore. It's pretty good, but every time I read it I just wish they'd start making Next Generation again.
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    Why Shock boxes?

    Every time I see that picture I want to switch to shocks. I don't even have a full MS set yet, but I still want those on my shelf.
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    Favorite Neo Geo Pocket or Pocket Color games?

    SvC: Match Of The Millenium is definitely my most played. It plays very well for a handheld fighter (especially a two-button one). Neo Turf Masters is amazing as well, and i've wasted a whole lot of time on Dark Arms. Much better than I would've ever thought.
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    DEAR LORDY A NEW X REVIEW citing final fight??

    Are these guys twelve?
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    Roger Ebert Dead at 70

    I came here for that, thanks for delivering.
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    PRICE Lowered> FS Sengoku 3 AES US like new

    You want offers, don't you? How is that spam? $43.27 shipped
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    Completing Metal Slug in Arcade

    I used to beat them as a kid when i'd play them. But that would pretty much take every quarter I had and every one I could find on the floor quickly before the timer ran out. Now I just go through them and try to get good enough to beat them on a dollar (or less, if i can). After I run out of...
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    Long Term Cab Storage

    Maybe you could rent them out to someone? I have no room for my cab at the moment so I keep it at a friends bar. He's happy to have something to amuse the customers and i'm happy to have access to it while making a few bucks off of it.
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    Noob to soldering I recently started using this to clean the tips of my irons. You can get away with a wet sponge, but I think these are a bit more convenient and do a better job.
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    Anyone fix computers here?

    A faster variation of that is to use a linux live CD (Free and connect an external storage device to back up their files. Then reformat the drive and reinstall XP. Since you would have to have the disc for this too, you can always run recovery console...
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    Let's talk on-rail shooters

    Orta is a great game! You should have a lot of fun with it. If you have the option though, play it on the original Xbox instead of the 360. The original Panzer Dragoon game is unlockable, but for some reason the 360 won't play it.
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    Attempting to be sold in Michigan

    Upper or Lower?
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    Which one was first: League Bowling mascot or Cool Spot?

    League Bowling came before Cool Spot, but Spot was the logo for 7-up well before that. It doesn't really matter though, because spot is a flat circle and the League Bowling guy is (presumably) a sphere. </wet blanket>