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    Disc Rot

    Never experienced this, It sounds horrible. Even then, I would still take disc rot over moderator rot.
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    Will ve under 1500 soon. I would wait a while on ETH and see what the reaction is like to 2.0 when it’s released. The more i use different chains the more mind boggling it is that Eth is still where it is.
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    Meat Loaf dead at 74

    That’s one cremation I would be up for, perfectly cooked meatloaf.
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    Bitcoin? Just upload the API key from the exchanges or wallet and it works it out.
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    That’s a nice return…if you’re in the stock market.
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    I sold all my Bitcoin at 41,600. Tripled my capital over the last year or so. Really should have taken some more profit along the way though. Learnt some lessons for next run. I reckon it could go higher in the short to medium term but it’s probably headed to 30k first. All depends what happens...
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    Rot should be made a regular member, no special treatment.

    Very soon, i’ll have been here 10 years.
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    Rot should be made a regular member, no special treatment.

    There needs to be a compromise I feel. Rot should be banished from but given political asylum at Sega 16.
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    HBD Gutsdozer

    Hbd, mate.
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    Gunvein by NGDEV (PC, Switch, PS4, Xbox)

    I always thought because they were Euro based it meant No Gooks Development Team?
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    The TRUTH about "NGF"

    Any wife pics?
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    Gunvein by NGDEV (PC, Switch, PS4, Xbox)

    Don’t be that guy.
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    Fuck you david g (an honest Daedalus review)

    You’re complaining about his product while he has your cash and fucks a black woman. Where are you and where is he?
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    ATT: Shawn. I would like to be a Moderator

    I was so full of beans back then... Now I’m like an alcoholic, jaded uncle ogling at women half my age pinning for the good old days.