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    NEW Astro City Club

    Yeah,I meant it as just to borrow to pop the lock if you needed to (rather than drill the sucker). I can look to see if I have extras. I know I bought extra locks, unsure how many keys I have.
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    Mini Marquees - Professionally Printed & Cut; Made to Order

    Mine arrived today. All good quality... Only two complaints I have... apparently I forgot to request a TSS one (probably figured my chances on getting one almost nil! Whoops!) and MD3 and MPE weren't original marquees, but a custom created (I think MPE was custom). However, I am fine with...
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    NEW Astro City Club

    I believe I have 5380 keys that I use on my Blast. Let me know if you just need to open up the lock door.
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    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    That is funny. I have been tempted to buy a few of the common carts from him, knowing I will probably get a boot. Ultimate 11 actually being one of the ones tempting me. I just don't like his whole attitude of "I won't open them, you should know what you are getting" .... Of course I do...
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    I received today...

    Well, I can mark off one of the other really elusive MVS titles off my list finally. It isn't the prettiest label. Didn't seem to be a hologram label, a bit torn up, but a legit cart nonetheless. Just happy to finally have it.
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    Mini Marquees - Professionally Printed & Cut; Made to Order

    I did get a PM from him earlier (last Thursday, 4/30) asking for my address. That is the last I heard. I was hoping I would end up getting them later this week. Hopefully someone who gets some information (marquees arrive, etc) will let the thread know, as I have been watching it myself.
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    GB: Taito Type X2 MOBO's, I/O's - TAKING PAYMENTS

    wow. I just looked up the aleck 64. Tower and Shaft does look like a lot of fun. However, you are right, even if you get every game on it, I only see 2-3 games I would want.
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    So I got a Red Tent, Pic Heavy

    Hehe I didn't realize this was a necro bump besides all of his picture links were broken. I have owned two of these guys and sold both (one to a member on here). They are nice and actually the only machine my wife still mentions that she wishes I hadn't sold (but I have no space!). These guys...
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    Darksoft's Next Project

    Voted Taito F3. Don't know of an existing multi for it, and to be fair, Neogeo has a ton of multicarts already, granted they dont have every game, but it covers most of them. Now if the taito F3 does happen I will have to see if we can get a group buy going, because I dont have a Taito f3 :D
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    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    Wow,that is a great haul :) So jealous of the TSS too! I was scouring the kits looking for TSS to see if you really lucked out, then I scrolled down.
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    I received today...

    Congrats Lem :) I was really tempted with that Taito X2 group buy, but since I don't have a widescreen beauty like that one I don't think I can really justify it. I will just have to stick to the Xbox ports for now.
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    Blast City Club

    Just to let you know, my blast does the same thing, however, I got around it by just leaving it powered on all the time and controlling the power to the plug via a small multi outlet thing. I have it linked to all 3 of my machines so they are easily turned on and off.
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    Horrible MAMEcabs

    These are definitely over kill... but I am a weird one, I have a Neogeo, a Blast City, but I still want to build a MAME machine. However, I am a fan of just the two joysticks, 6 (or 7 buttons per side) and a single trackball. That right there will play 90% of the games I want to play. Those...
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    FS: MVS Collection - Razion, Bang Bead, More...

    Personally, I prefer Windjammers, but I am equally surprised. I purchased Bang Bead and had it shipped from the UK for ~$175 and I don't feel ripped off. Glad I have a copy, but I would have nabbed it at the $150 mark in a heart beat.
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    Windy MVS Sleeves: Last Chance Saloon. GONE!

    I am in the same boat as wyo. I shockboxed all of my carts, before these came out... Then it was a case, go through and replace them all or buy 1 more shockbox. If I had to do it over again I would have gone the windy sleeve route, or the neo mini box .. I have one of those from a deal and...