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    Dear Tomcat.... I am glad you are OK...

    Hi there Hello Rot Buddy Thanks God Im here alive and ready to live for fight another day :glee: Thanks for care Regarda Tom(ITA)
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    Dion Dakis Trying to Sell fake Metal Slug JAP - BEWARE!!!

    Ill be back soon for take again the neo sales scene Buddy Take care... Regards Tom(ITA)
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    Dion Dakis Trying to Sell fake Metal Slug JAP - BEWARE!!!

    Thanks for sharing rot Buddy Regards Tom(ITA)
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    NEO XYX AES collector edition(US)

    I know bello hes a cool guy to deal with probably his engrish is even worse than mine but he will not scam you for sure Hope it helps for you Buddy Regards Tom(ITA)
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    Vendo MARUKO *NUOVO*: 25mila Euro

    PM sent Regards Tom(ITA)
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    Raguy vs Vendo collezione completa di NeoGeo Club Magazine, l'unica conosciuta al mondo.

    AES46 sono qui per informarti che lass qualcuno di importante ha notato i tuoi Flames quindi ti consiglio di mangiare la minestra o salti gi dalla finestra 😉 Hope it helps Regarda Tom(ITA)
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    Direi che il maestro Gemant sia quello che si e'avvicinato di piu'qui Regards Tom(ITA)
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    Valutazione giochi AES

    Sono tutti titoli comuni e dipendenti dalle condizioni certo vanno da 50/60 euro di super s e world h. Fino ai 450/500 di kof 03 hope it helps Regards Tom(ITA)
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    Nice, France... May 2015.... one train away from Genoa...

    Me is waiting here for you buddy regards Tom(ITA)
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    MVS For sale + some special guests-PRICES REDUCED-!!!!

    No Rot buddy hes not a member here he just scam people finding emails via web I heared hes in Germany right now regards Tom(ITA)
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    Andrea Vecchietti also known as "giada d' oriente" SCAMMER don't buy from him

    Im been in trouble with this seller and I want to tell you guys this person is a scammer he usualy show pics of MVS flippers and pcb's abviusly he doesn't own any.... Just and adviese he scammed me for 450 euro and honestly I feel lucky becouse I e heared some french and english lost...
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    MVS For sale + some special guests-PRICES REDUCED-!!!!

    Im always around Im been busy tring to solve a problem with an italian Seller Andrea Vecchietti whatch out guys don't buy from him hes a scammer dont' trust him I will start a new sellin thread soon btw regards Tom(ITA)
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    Nominate a Neo-geo member!

    Me vote for Rot buddy :p regards Tom(ITA)
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    MVS For sale + some special guests-PRICES REDUCED-!!!!

    Yeah I know Shawn can let run this place with no problems at all but this is my contribute. Anyway also I have allready sent him the money I promised... I also drop the price pratically in most of my selling threads The Euro currency is the real problem not the dollar, but this is another...