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    FS: Japanese AES

    Hello! I am looking to sell the following AES titles. Prices include shipping within the US (international is possible but please contact me first!) Cyber Lip - 325 SOLD Kabuki Klash (photocopy manual) - 300 SOLD 8Man (no manual) - 250 Top Hunter - 500 SOLD Ragnagard - 725 SOLD If my prices...
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    FOUND: NBA Jam TE Japanese Saturn

    Kind of an out there request, but if anyone has a Japanese Saturn copy of NBA Jam, let's talk!
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    It can be dangerous to be black and a legal gun owner in America

    You'd think that the ones who claim to be "one of the good ones" would be using this as time to kick out the shitbags, but it seems like exactly the opposite. They decided yesterday that an unarmed homeless man that just happened to be near a protest area yesterday was a threat and gave him some...
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    Any worthwhile YouTube gaming channels?

    By far the best 8 Bit Guy moment
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    SOLD: JNX CMVS (Pics added) want a CMVS but you don't wanna sacrifice quality and buy one from AliExpress? Look no further, as James makes nothing but the finest. This CMVS has your full range of visual outputs (composite, component, S-Video and RGB) for whatever floats your boat, and comes with an actual...
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    World Cup 2018... OFFICIAL THREAD....

    Good news Roy, I see your boys made it safely :)
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    Happy Birthday bubba966!

    Happy birthday man. Hope you get some nice NOS cake today!
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    NEW CHAT ADMIN. Kid Panda & gum_drops. (Tired of Amiga's Anti-Islamic rants?)

    He still thinks I'm Japanese, but man, I wonder what Rot would say about that slur there eh Amiga?
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    Record collecting

    Since we're on a metal kick in here recently...
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    Serious question- How many of you people have tattoos?

    I'll throw mine up as well. I have this one in the ditch of both elbows. Hard to take a picture of both at once though! And some of the others
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    WTB: Manual of the Planes AD&D

    Hello! Long shot here but if anyone has an old copy of the Manual of the Planes that they'd no longer like, I'd be interested in purchasing it. I am looking for this edition: Thanks!
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    FOUND!: Breakers JPN AES

    Hello! :) I know this is an extreme longshot, but if anyone has a copy of this game they would like to sell, please let me know. Thanks for looking!
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    FOUND: Ninja Commando JPN AES

    Hello! Looking for a copy of Ninja Commando (JPN version) for the AES. If you've got one to sell, please let me know! Thanks!