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    I also received my games, thanks.
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    Sent you a PM Monday morning
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    Reccomend me some adventure games (y'know, snatcher-esque)

    Rise of the Dragon for Sega CD reminds me of Snatcher but is not nearly as good.
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    Luigi's Mansion?

    When Luigi called out Mario I always smiled. It was very cute, though it did get old after awhile as you mentioned.
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    Paypal scam e-mail going around

    Never click on a link in an email. It's that simple. Always login by going to the PayPal website on your own through a web browser.
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    Happy Birthday Criterionradiohead

    I hope all your birthday wishes come true.
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    Happy Birthday BryLmoo!

    Happy Birthday man. Enjoy them while you're young.
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    Earthbound opinions

    The music really is phenomenal. I have so many favorites (track-wise) that it would be difficult to list them all, but for instance, the first four towns: Onett, Twoson, Threed (after you clear the zombies), and Fourside all have great tunes. The Battle themes, the Sky Runner theme, Hospital...
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    Best arcade game ever?

    Star Wars Arcade Trilogy!
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    Bye bye UMD movies?

    About time. There is no reason to spend money on movies in a proprietary format that plays on a small handheld when one can pay the same amount for DVDs that are compatible with several different (and better) machines.
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    My Daughter the gamer, starting early (PIC)

    Very cute, congrats. :)
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    Earthbound opinions

    Earthbound is one my favorite games of all-time. As a child I dreamt about it at night while I was playing my way through it, and some of my fondest gaming memories stem from this masterpiece. The music is great, the gameplay is relatively simple but lots of fun; and I could never get enough of...
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    What did you major in!?

    I am currently in school and am majoring in computer science and history.
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    any baseball card collecters here

    I have thousands of baseball cards from the early 90s and I am fairly certain that for the most part they are worthless. Too bad, I spent a lot of money on them, especially considering my limited budget at the time as a young kid.