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    Samurai Shodown 25th anniversay today! (07/07/1993)

    I would like to see Atlus get the rights to make a new one. I think they would be the best bet at a good game.
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    help picking out a fighting stick for pc/ps4

    this may be a dumb question but did the 80s and 90s cabs mvs/street fighter use square or Octo gates?
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    help picking out a fighting stick for pc/ps4

    ya from the videos I have watched on the TE2 the case seem kinda cheap. but as someone who will never get to touch one until i buy one makes it hard to pick the right stick.
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    help picking out a fighting stick for pc/ps4

    May i ask why the TE2 fightsticks are trash? i thought they had good parts in them?
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    help picking out a fighting stick for pc/ps4

    I am looking to get a fightstick for the ps4/pc and i got my eye on these 3.
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    Humble Bundle Neo Geo 25th Anniversary

    And now i got an idea. i did not see the steam on it and i could use them on 2nd pc for 2 player. thanks for the info
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    Humble Bundle Neo Geo 25th Anniversary

    I really want to buy this but not sure what i would do with them. anyone know if they play better then mame?
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    Recommended soldering iron.

    this is the one i have and i love it. if you dont mind the price. you can get cheaper ones but you get what ya pay for.
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    Amiibo giveaway! (Details inside)

    hellya :)
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    WANTED: 3DS XL and some games?

    damn dude you just mist a nice sale at bestbuy on the 1st. they had xls for 169.99 and alot of games for very cheap. a link to one of the sites i check for deals...
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    WTB Microsoft Sidewinder Force Feedback 2 USB

    Microsoft Sidewinder Force Feedback 2 Joystick (USB) anyone have a fully working one for sale? 45.00 shipped im looking to pay
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    WTB: PSP Go Charger i just got this one and it works great
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    found thxs

    Just checking if any good members have a psp go the might want to get rid of on the cheaper side. crap sorry put it in wrong forum area found thank you urmyokazu
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    OMFG!! It's OMFG's "Mostly $50 Shipped" Sale! (Now with Trade Wants!)

    MMMM Project Sylpheed with flight stick cant wait. been holding off for over 2 years to play this game till i got a flight stick. thanks man for holding it for me.
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    Pic of big red next to a candy cab?

    lol im 6'7 also. dont you just love it when poeple ask if you play basketball lol. you must be like me when buying shoes from a store. you see all the ones you want to buy but end up looking for anything in 16s or higher.