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    Coolest Debug Mode/Dip Setting

    The Sonic Wings debug menus Dig found a couple years ago are pretty cool - some weird unused art and all sort of goodies to be discovered. Works with both Sonic Wings games.
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    Daily Check: What shooters are you guys playing ATM?

    Obsessed with RayForce on the F3. I've had the Saturn port around for ages, but still slept on it for some reason. Got my F3 a few weeks ago, though, and something about the game finally clicked with me. It's a mesmerizing work of art.
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    New Fatal Fury

    I tuned into Evo right as the last match of the Grand Finals of KOF was finishing up (as luck would have it, I had no idea, lol). Staid to watch some of the announcements and went ape fucking shit when I saw this. I may have squealed. I don't care how bad it ends up being (hope it's awesome)...
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    FS: Prehistoric Isle 2 MVS with Shockbox

    $320 OBO - includes shipping to US only. PayPal F&F or add the customary 4% for buyer protection.
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    FS: JPN AES Games (Dunk Dream / Street Hoop left)

    Early bump - sorry. Dropped prices a bit and removed Sonic Wings 2 - I decided to keep it. I've got too much nostalgia with this one. :)
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    ZDTF's What's it worth thread.

    I've been shopping around for other arcade stuff over the last few months and have come across sales for most of your stuff on multiple sites (ebay, Emporium Japan, suruga-ya, here, arcade projects forums, etc) and these are my best estimates for your stuff right now. CPS2 Multi - With a...
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    Neo Geo Pocket Color Selection Volume 2

    Should be interesting. SNK Korea just posted some shots and info about the NGPC Rockman arcade ports on Instagram - so I wonder if it will be included in this package? If Rockman is included, good chance Sonic will be as well.
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    Ray'z Arcade Chronology PS4/Switch

    When it releases, you should be able to order the game from Suruga-ya direct from Japan if Play Asia isn't your thing. If you use their US site there is no need for a Proxy.
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    FS: JPN AES Games (Dunk Dream / Street Hoop left)

    Hey all - selling to make room for some new additions to the archive. These are all games I'm fine just owning on MVS, so selling off my AES copies. Games are priced quite accurately with averages taken from multiple sources - these are the most reasonable prices you'll see of these games and...
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    Taito F3 Overview and Reviews - Yagamikun's Website

    Hey all, Some of you know (others not) that I run an arcade-centric website with my personal publications. I recently got a Taito F3 and have become obsessed with it over the last month. While there is a lot of great information about the hardware and a hand full of games, there isn't really a...
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    The all new 'What's it worth' thread

    MVS or AES? If AES, you're looking around $350-$400 for each of those titles. Some prices for Alpha Mission 2 are hovering around the $500 mark - but that's a little high, even in mint condition. For MVS, heihachi's estimates are on point. :) You'll want to charge on the higher end of those...
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    SOLD: Retrotink 5X $260

    Used it once and went right back to my trusty 2X set up. It's brand-new. Nothing wrong with it, and it's flashed with the most recent firmware so it's all set up and ready to go. SOLD $260 includes shipping to US only - sorry international folks. Paypal F&F or add the usual 4% for buyer protection.
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    WTB: Taito F3 Stereo/Kick Harness Everten IO board

    Hey, thanks for the hit back! I've already signed up on the wait list. I just got my F3 and am loving it, so got pretty excited when I saw these. No worries, though. I'll wait for the next batch. ^_^ Cheers!
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    WTB: Taito F3 Stereo/Kick Harness Everten IO board

    Thanks! Got on the waitlist a couple days ago, actually. I'm just horribly impatient. ^_^
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    WTB: Taito F3 Stereo/Kick Harness Everten IO board

    Hey all - long shot, but looking for the Everten Taito F3 IO board for Stereo AV outs and CPS2 Kick Harness. These seem to be out of stock in the US and the one store in Australia that has them in stock won't ship to Ohio. Anyone have one of these they aren't using by any chance? Thanks!