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  1. Hattori Hanzo

    Sol Cresta (PS4, Switch, PC)

  2. Hattori Hanzo

    NBA season 21/22

    Let's talk about Basketball here. Those collective threads with multiple sports are retarded. I don't care about Lacrosse. 21/22 is the 76th season and yes Basketball always deserves an own thread.
  3. Hattori Hanzo

    Valfaris: Mecha Therion

    Steam page already up:
  4. Hattori Hanzo

    River City Girls 2

  5. Hattori Hanzo

    New game by HucastGames

    René Hellwig is the HucastGames founder. Dux & Redux weren't Neo Geo related so I'm posting it in this sub forum. Redux 2 for Dreamcast got cancelled this May.
  6. Hattori Hanzo

    The A500 Mini (2022)

    25 games are included - a confirmed list of 12: Alien Breed 3D Another World ATR: All Terrain Racing Battle Chess Cadaver Kick Off 2 Pinball Dreams Simon The Sorcerer Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe The Chaos Engine Worms: The Director's Cut Zool: Ninja Of The Nth Dimension Source
  7. Hattori Hanzo

    M2 Kyukyoku Tiger-Heli (Switch/PS4)

    Source Official website Switch: PS4:
  8. Hattori Hanzo

    Illmatic Envelope Swamp & Radirgy Swag (Switch)

    Source Official website
  9. Hattori Hanzo

    Touhou Project in 2022 by Cave

    Source in Japanese
  10. Hattori Hanzo

    Cotton Rock ‘n’ Roll (PS4, Switch, PC, Arcade)

    Source Official website
  11. Hattori Hanzo

    Free Retroarch on Xbox

    No whitelist or dev mode required. Just add it through the link on PC. Works on Series & One.
  12. Hattori Hanzo

    Taito Egret II Mini

    40 games, 15 revealed: Space Invaders (1978) Lunar Rescue (1979) Qix (1981) Elevator Action (1983) Chack’n Pop (1983) Bubble Bobble (1986) Rastan Saga (1987) Rainbow Islands EXTRA (1988) The NewZealand Story (1988) Don Doko Don (1989) Violence Fight (1989) Cadash (1989) MizuBaku Adventure...
  13. Hattori Hanzo

    Super HD System 3 Pro
  14. Hattori Hanzo

    Getsu Fuma Den: Undying Moon

    Steam Steam Early Access release is in 11 days. Switch release is planned for 2022. Getsu Fuma Den (1987) Hardcore Gaming 101
  15. Hattori Hanzo

    Castlevania Resurrection Dreamcast E 3 Pre Demo Pack

    Download Archive: Download Mega: Source
  16. Hattori Hanzo

    Free Metal Slug 3 XBLA

    Free via Microsoft Store Israel (Gold not required)