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  1. AppleiDog

    Happy St. Patrick's day

    Happy St. Patrick's day - From Dublin, Ireland
  2. AppleiDog

    Happy St. Patricks day

    Just wanted to say Happy St. Paddy's day from Dublin,Ireland I should be going to the parade later on and taking pic's so I'll put them up later, let the festivities begin WoOoOOo.
  3. AppleiDog

    The site has been hacked

    Just to let you people know
  4. AppleiDog

    Shirley Temple Dies Aged 85

    BBC news has just reported she has died
  5. AppleiDog

    WTB:GB & GBA Pokemon games & broken pal snes controller.

    Exactly what it says in the title.
  6. AppleiDog

    Margaret thatcher died at 87

    Whether you love her or hate her, she was a damn fearless women,
  7. AppleiDog


    just wanted to say happy new year to all at the site have a great one WOO
  8. AppleiDog

    WTB:GBA flash cart

    Hey im looking for a flash cart that takes mini SD. Thanks Appleidog
  9. AppleiDog

    North London Riots Just was there yesterday before the riot's. it was on for about 10 hours with no police coming to some parts untill about 10am this morning when people were still looting.
  10. AppleiDog

    Your 3 best band's ever list.

    1. Beatles 2. Oasis 3. Beady eye How about your's
  11. AppleiDog

    WTB: NES to Famicom Adapter

    Hey, I'm looking for just a bog standard Nes to famicom adapter. I have paypal at the ready.
  12. AppleiDog

    Happy St. Patrick day

    I'll post pictures of the parade, later on, anybody doing anything special for it?.:snack::snack:
  13. AppleiDog

    WTB: Somari Famicom

    Hey y'all I'm looking for Somari for Famicom, especially the blue cartridge Paypal ready :)
  14. AppleiDog

    WTB: Loose pal Dreamcast

    Need a Loose pal Dreamcast, Don't need any cables/controllers it just has to be working, have paypal at the ready.
  15. AppleiDog

    I have free Dead space ignition codes

    Hey, I have around 30+ Dead space ignition codes to give away, for either Xbox 360 or Ps3, They work worldwide, if you want it just give me a PM. :) P.S happy valentine eve Edit: Still have lots left.
  16. AppleiDog

    Dead space now on Ipod/Iphone

    Just to let you guys no that Dead space is on the Ipod/iphone, i have been playing it for the past 2 hours, very very good graphics, gameplay is amazing and not affected at all by no buttons gameplay.;title;9
  17. AppleiDog

    Merry Xmas Plus what did you get

    All of you guys have a happy Christmas!.:drool_2::drool_2::drool_2::drool_2::D Here is my main swag from today!.
  18. AppleiDog

    World cup final soccer

    go holland wooo
  19. AppleiDog

    Excellent Video game ending music

    I got the idea from best game over music, mine would probably have to be either
  20. AppleiDog

    So who all is heading back to rapture today?

    I sure am, prebooked the collectors 360 version,