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  1. T2KFreeker


    Plenty of friends from here have told me to try and unload this system here, so here I am. I have a Neo Geo CD system with 7 games, the AC Adapter, and also a control pad. Games are Neo Geo Special, it is missing the booklet, Samurai Spirits II, King of fighters 94 and 95, Real Bout Special...
  2. T2KFreeker

    Neo Geo CD Controller

    So, I got my Neo geo CD system from cdamm! Awesomeness. However, I am in need of a second controller. Can anyone help me with this? Not sure what to offer pricewise, so please PM me if you got one for sale. Controller, Joystick, either or both. As long as it works. I appreciate it ahead of time.
  3. T2KFreeker

    WTB Light Modded Neo Geo Pocket Color

    Okay guys, I know I'm still new here on this board, however, I have been around at, I have good feedback at Digital Press, am well known over at Jaguar Sector II, and also have 100% feedback on evilbay as jaggyjaguar76. I'd really like to get back into the Neo Geo pocket again, and due...
  4. T2KFreeker

    R.I.P. Breetai/Firebomber7

    I guess it really hasn't been posted here as we were chatting about it in chat and nobody knew. Breetai here, also known as Foirebomber 7 elsewhere was killed in a Car accident on the night of December 23rd/24th. We just found out over at PCEngineFX yesterday. Blake was a really cool individual...
  5. T2KFreeker

    New here, some of you know me though . . . .

    Not new to the Neo Geo itself as I have owned a Neo Geo CD system and the Neo Geo Pocket Color in the past. Not to mention that I used to plunk quarters into the arcade machi9nes in the 90's. Loved Ninja Combat and Magician Lord back in the day. Beautiful stuff. I'm jumping back in now after...