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    HBD Kernow!

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    Happy Birthday Samurai Shodown III

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    HBD Kerneaux!

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    Happy birthday Spoon

    Have a good one!
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    Hauskaa Juhannusta!

    Stüld Håjt!
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    Sega Vs Nintendo

    Which is better, Sega or Nintendo?
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    HBD Spam master X

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    Hauskaa vappua!

    Ensimmäinen vappu pitkään aikaan kun aion olla pelkästään simalinjalla. Jos oikein riehaannun niin otan toisenkin tippaleivän!
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    How's Ni no Kuni II ?

    Saw it's on sale, liked the first game well enough; some of the parts felt like filler though, the ones where you went back to the kid's home town I mean. *ninja* Does it still have the half-assed "I don't know if I'm real-time or not" combat system?
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    Grattis Bhm!

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    HBD Melchia

    Neobuyer's e-crush!
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    Hauskaa joulua kaikille!

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    Death Stranding

    So, how is it? The stuff I've read doesn't make it sound so interesting, plus I don't care for that Reedus guy; can't think of a more boring tv show than TWD. Also, the world seemed very generic sci-fi stuff. My main reason for liking the MGS games was the James Bond meets Appleseed world.
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    HBD FormlessOne

    Great MIA member.
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    HBD Kern!

    Have a good one!
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    Happy birthday Wizkid007

    A fresh outside the box thinker, still waiting for that thesis of yours which combines cellular osmosis and sacred geometry!
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    HBD Spoon!

    Have a good one! :cool:
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    Hyvää juhannusta kaikille!

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    Happy birthday Asid!

    A man with excellent taste in music! :cool:
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    Hyvää itsenäisyyspäivää!