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  1. Orochi_invisibleink

    no matter how messy your room/apartment/house is. . .

    im sure its a lot cleaner than this dump: NSFCF!
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    ever seen a cab like this before?
  3. Orochi_invisibleink

    see if you can figure out whats wrong with this story

    news story reads like this: For Some Ohioans, Even Meat Is Out Of Reach "Nunez and most of her siblings and their spouses are unemployed and rely on government assistance and food stamps...Nunez, 40, has never worked and has no high school degree...The rising cost of food means their money...
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    greatest rap battle ever caught on tape

    every time i watch it i find something else that i lol about. if you are the impatient type then start watching from 2:05 in and im sure youll be hooked
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    supreme court to consider death penalty for child rape

    link below. personally i think it is a good idea but lets all argue about it anyway
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    looking to buy a new computer monitor

    what are the important specs/details to look for when reading the specs of a monitor? im looking at resolution, contrast ratio, response time, pixel pitch, etc etc and have no idea what any of these really mean and what numbers are good or bad to have in each category. looking for a 22 or 24...
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    HAVE: thousands of names and addresses WANT: monies

    ok so for my current job i have access to thousands and thousands of people names and addresses and every week i get thousands and thousands more. anyone have any ideas on how i could flip all this data for any money or atleast what type of other businesses would pay for data like this. its...
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    ever seen a 5-year-old that could sing and play the guitar? (for real)

    im impressed
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    need some shipping advice please!!

    I am selling a large item on ebay (monitor new in the box) and was wondering what the best way to ship it would be. I went to the post office and asked the lady there and she said I could just tape the address on the top of the box and it would get there fine but I just dont feel comfortable...
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    looking to buy skullmonkeys (psx)

    looking for skullmonkeys for the playstation. id rather it have case and manual but the condition isnt too important (except the disc itself should be in good shape) let me know if you have one youd be willing to sell and about how much youd be looking to get for it. thanks
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    creative people: lend me your ears

    ok so im planning a special hang-out which is centered around the number 300. i plan on going bowling and watching the movie 300 so what im looking for is a meal or food or anything food-related that has to do with the number 300 NOT the movie 300 but just the number. thanks in advance:qcf...
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    ever seen a car accident as it happened??

    the other day me and my girlfriend were driving somewhere (walmart i believe it was) and we saw someone on a scooter pull out in front of an old lady in a bmw and she plows him down. about 5 minutes later some black guy is pulling off of the main road into the KFC parking lot and gets rear-ended...
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    16 year old high-schooler marries her track coach

    yep yep. he was 38 years old and she was 16. heres a link to a video clip about it at a news site. you have to watch a 10 second advertisement before the video about the girl starts though. i knew this thread would be worthless if i didnt post links to pics so i took care of that!:make_fac...
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    can someone translate whats going on in this video? i think its french but im not sure, anyone who could tell me whats going on it would be greatly appreciated!
  15. Orochi_invisibleink

    Sudan man forced to marry a goat... i bet he felt a little SHEEPISH
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    whats a good (preferably free) dvd ripping program for macs?

    title says it all. just looking to get a dvd ripping program for my mac but searching "dvd ripping software" yields a lot of expensive stuff, fake crap, or both so i thought id save some time and get a tip from someone so i know it actually works..
  17. Orochi_invisibleink

    bill o'reilly and geraldo get in a fight on-air {youtube video follows} check it out hahaah its good for a laugh. although it is a sad story about what actually happened. 2 hot girls killed by a worthless drunk driver illegal alien piece of trash
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    what is wrong with the world today? (CBA coach suspended for "anti semtic remarks")

    what is wrong with the world today? (CBA coach suspended for "anti semtic remarks"),0,1169694.story?coll=bal-sports-basketball Former NBA All-Star Micheal Ray Richardson, now a coach in the Continental Basketball...
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    Shaq O'Neal raids home for child porn, but raids the wrong house this happened like 10 minutes away from where i lived and i read it in my local newspaper when i was home for the weekend for thanksgiving and thought it was very interesting. i coulda gotten shaq diesels...