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  1. smokey

    I IPS’ed my NGPC and it looks great!

    The mod is real easy to do. I also did the replacement shell thingie so I could keep the originals original. Because you need to cut in the plastic. I also desoldered the touch sensors because they were annoying.
  2. smokey

    Do you ever feel depressed that your life is going nowhere ?

    Every once in a while I feel extremely depressed because I spent most of my life hunting for toys and video games in thrifstores and online. Instead of focusing on learning more or getting a better job or going out more with friends. What do I accomplish by gathering all this stuff around me...
  3. smokey


    Hi Guys , I'm modding my two slot MVS board for homeuse but I want to spraypaint the cool ass neo geo logo on it. Or like one of those rub on decals instead of a regular sticker. I was looking on ebay but nothing really great there. Anybody got a good link were I can download some files to...
  4. smokey

    Nagorno-Karabakh War

    Nobody talking about this conflict? If both side are telling the thruth already thousands of troops have died and several hunderd thanks,radars,missile launchers destroyed. Because of my Christian-descent I prefer the young democratic Armenia over the dictatorship of Azerbeijan. However you...
  5. smokey

    unibios 4.0 problems with Neosavemasta

    I just installed my Unibios 4.0 which I bought on auctions yahoo. Everything works fine but my NeoSave Masta I get the following error and when I tried to format the cart i get the following error. I assume I did something wrong but can't figure out what. I also don't have a second memory...
  6. smokey

    WTB AES INSERT JAP King of Fighters 2000

    Anybody got a spare insert? Let me know. Full case and or manual also welcome.
  7. smokey

    AES INSERTS Alpha Misson 2 and NAM1975

    Hi I got some loose carts from japan and want to make a boxed copy out of them.To put on my shelf and look all nice and stuff. Anybody got any inserts of above games. Don't really care if it is EUR/US/JAP. As long as it is original. Complete cases without the game are also welcome naturaly...
  8. smokey

    WTB: Shockbox & AES replacement cases in Europe

    Anybody selling these? A link to a decent webshop is also apreciated:dragf: Preferably in europe. Looking for an MVS shockbox for Metal Slug, KOF96 and World Heroes And an AES replacement case for World Heroes 2 (JAP) if anybody has an original spare that is also welcome ofcourse!
  9. smokey

    need a bit of help (weapons related)

    Hi guys, My sister needs some weapons releated info. She is drawing pictures of the 32 battallion of South africa and wants to now the names of the weapons these guys use. Here is a link to more pictures:
  10. smokey

    FS/FT :!Arcade! Phantom-1

    Hi, I decided to go the MVS route first with a Supergun and the I can hopefully convince my gf to get a candy cab. I haven't posted here in years so for those in doubt here is my ebay profile. Any questions please ask! I'm asking 200 euro including insured shipping inside the European Union...
  11. smokey

    NeoGeoCD or CDZ

    I want to buy one of these two systems. And I wanted you guys 'opinions on what to get. CDZ seems faster but I heard it can lock up. Is it really that often? Can you help it by placing extra coolings or something? Advice is needed! Thanks in advance
  12. smokey

    Nobody wants ??

    :help: Only three hours left
  13. smokey

    Big sale

    I'm in desperate need of some PAYPAL cash so see if there's anything in here you like and then PM all games are in great condition unles otherwise noted.Shipping is around three euros for regular Items. PAYPAL ONLY Megadrive PAL Golden Axe 2 Ranger X PSX PAL Namco Museum vol4 Puchi Carat...
  14. smokey

    Dear american citizens

    To the citizens of the United States of America :- In the light of your failure to elect a proper President of the USA and thus to govern yourselves, we hereby give notice of the revocation of your independence, effective today. Her Sovereign Majesty Queen Elizabeth II will resume...
  15. smokey

    FS:NGCD TOP Hunter (PAL?)

    For sale a PAL copy of Top hunter Condition Used Booklet and Disc only (but I give a free box:d) Minor scratches on disc. I think it is a PAl copy because in the manual the epilepsy waring is in all kinds of languages . Pix on request PM me with offers (will also trade for DC or GC games.)
  16. smokey

    Bonk's adventure remake....

    Anybody got it? I just logged in on my play asia account and saw it was already shipped,quite odd Me thinks ,anybody else got their hands on this one ?
  17. smokey

    GC sell 500K inOne week

    In the USA during thanks giving Owned Xbox,I think it's possible that the GC will surpass the Xbox sales in the USA after Christmass,so they will be Number 2 worldwide on all fronts....
  18. smokey

    Who are You? funny and true
  19. smokey

    Petition to bring Neo-geo games to the gamecube

    All Gamecube gamers who love the Neo please sign this don't you want SNKvsCapcom on your cube? A quote:"GameCube, personally I don't want to, only because I think by the time I get the developing done it'll be another year from now and it'll be a little too late for what I said. We got to wait...
  20. smokey

    I am ashamed

    for spamming on of my favorite forums but please guys I you have any love for portable games this is a really cool database it's not complete yet but it's growing So please visit <a href="" target="_blank"></a>