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  1. BlackaneseNiNjA

    So Metroid Dread is 'out.' (now includes a review by DD!)

    I’m a Metroid fanatic and I absolutely loved this entry on normal and the subsequent hard mode as well. I enjoyed the EMMI sequences for the mini Fusion-style SA-X sequences that they were, but they were also just enough of a hinderance that it felt extremely satisfying to eventually hunt them...
  2. BlackaneseNiNjA

    Capcom’s rivalry with SNK and why Capcom was slow to produce 3D fighting games

    Fantastic video from Yoshiki Okamoto :buttrock: The channel is full of industry secrets and is really interesting for those of you who also love learning about the behind-the-scenes world of arcade game development.
  3. BlackaneseNiNjA

    One game, just one.

    King of Fighters 98
  4. BlackaneseNiNjA

    Happy Birthday, SouthtownKid and kernow!

    Hey Happy Birthday guys! :buttrock: I hope it’s a good one
  5. BlackaneseNiNjA

    So Metroid Dread is 'out.' (now includes a review by DD!)

    Enjoy it HordheaDD :buttrock: Being partial to the 2D/Sakamoto titles, I’m hyped to play this entry and have been trying to dodge spoilers left and right in the meantime lol
  6. BlackaneseNiNjA

    Gamecube optical board problems

    Sup Neodogg. Sure, there’s nothing wrong with going the ode route. Since the cap replacement is a cheap and easy fix to prolong the life of these units, the original post was really more of a quick heads up for those who simply want to keep playing the discs that they already own.
  7. BlackaneseNiNjA

    Happy Birthday LoneSage

    Happy Birthday, LS!! :buttrock:
  8. BlackaneseNiNjA

    “Wanted: Dead” - new game from former Ninja Gaiden devs

    Interestingly enough, Tomonobu Itagaki’s involvement was neither confirmed nor denied :unsure::
  9. BlackaneseNiNjA

    “Wanted: Dead” - new game from former Ninja Gaiden devs

    Publisher 110 Industries and developer Soleil have announced Wanted: Dead, a high-octane third-person action game in development for Playstation 5, Xbox Series, and PC. It will launch in 2022. Wanted: Dead promises “spectacular melee combat and exciting gunplay,” and is set in a “dark and...
  10. BlackaneseNiNjA

    Gamecube optical board problems

    Hey whats up BillyJoelZeta. This console actually gets a lot of play (both discs and via the gameboy player). After checking around, the capacitor issue is actually starting to impact more units as they are all aging and others have started to notice the trend as well (check out the video...
  11. BlackaneseNiNjA

    Gamecube optical board problems

    For those interested: It might not be a bad idea to preemptively replace the surface mount capacitors on the optical board that sits at the bottom of the gamecube optical drive assembly. I was starting to see some disc reading issues on a unit that was inconsistent with the symptoms of a dirty...
  12. BlackaneseNiNjA

    HBD fami

    Hey Happy Birthday man! :buttrock:
  13. BlackaneseNiNjA

    Nintendo Switch

    It’s about time :buttrock:
  14. BlackaneseNiNjA

    Nintendo Switch

    Looks like Bayonetta 3 is being rumored as a 2022 release. Hopefully, Nintendo will include it in today’s Direct. *fingers crossed*
  15. BlackaneseNiNjA

    PlayStation & Xbox C-Bombs

    I am honestly shocked that Sony actually resolved the issue. This is fantastic news :buttrock:
  16. BlackaneseNiNjA

    Happy birthday ROT

    Happy Birthday!! :buttrock:
  17. BlackaneseNiNjA

    Neo Geo Pocket Prototypes Pop up at Auction

    Damn. Hopefully, some of this stuff sees the light of day eventually. I wonder what was hidden in there. Unreleased titles like the NGPC Magician Lord 2 footage has been on youtube for quite some time but I’ve always wanted to try it. Oh well
  18. BlackaneseNiNjA

    Matrix 4.

    I’m just here to +1 this right here. The live-action Speed Racer movie was way better than it had any right to be.
  19. BlackaneseNiNjA

    Night Slashers remake announced

    Forever Entertainment has signed an agreement with G-Mode to produce a remake of the 1993-released beat ’em up Night Slashers for all major platforms, the company announced. A release date was not announced. For those interested in the original, Night Slashers was made available on Steam...