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    Why do people talk shit about the Nintendo 64?

    I read some of the responses, I agree most N64 games do not look good today. A few years ago i tried Sin and Punishment on an emulator for OSX, and that looked amazing, i dont know if it was upscaled but graphically i was impressed. When it comes to popular games like Mario Kart, Mario 64, Jet...
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    WTB dodonpachi

    the title explains it pretty well, looking for dodonpachi pcb.... i can't even find it listed on ebay, any help, thank you!
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    mas systems supernova help

    the connectors to the arcade stick are they DB25 or DB15? i found a decoder online, but i dont know if it's the right one
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    Original Xbox King of Fighters NeoWave Now Backwards Compatible on XB1

    i got it last week, and i never really got into it when it launched (i didn't have arcade stick for xbox OG)... now that i had more time to mess around with it, i am actually wondering what everyone's setups are for graphics. Also on the same note i just downloaded KOF 97 and 96 for Xbox One...
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    Have you ever been... given the runaround by someone you met in a nightclub?...

    i've never liked night clubs, i always feel that i get too drunk and I either end up getting kicked out or get my ass kicked by a bunch of people.... it never fails
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    Neo Geo shirt

    So should we do a neostore/ forums t-shirt contest v. 2017 cause now we can actually print them because of sites like teespring?
  7. J

    Official SNK Neo-Geo Book: NEOGEO: A VISUAL HISTORY ネオジオ〜目で楽しむ軌跡〜 (Publisher Bitmap Books)

    im actually worried, i might change my shipping address, my moving date is pretty much nov 1, worst comes to worst
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    Neo Geo shirt

    i was looking at those designs, BTW wasabi i can't find rayphex... but is that mr wizard... Evo's mr wizard?
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    Popular Video Games/Consoles You Have Not Played

    As far as consoles: CDI pipin Wii Microsoft did start wrong this console generation forcing the kinect, IMO consoles should standarize the use of SSDs soon. I bought an Xbox One and once i found out you could use your keyboard it became my media center, now i use it for stuff like youtube and...
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    Neo Geo shirt

    so should we have a contest or something, i think i should have titled the thread to neostore shirt, or neo geo boards shirt
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    Popular Video Games/Consoles You Have Not Played

    PC: Dota Starcraft 2 League CS GO PUBG H1Z1 Console: Halo (any, it's just lack of interest, i got the collection free, and gave the code away on twitter) Mario Galaxy Destiny Titanfall Doom Mario Maker Monster Hunter Dragon Quest any Final Fantasy SFV KOF XIV I'd be playing the last two, if...
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    Popular movies/TV you haven't seen

    As for me GOT (I probably won't due to fans) Breaking bad (see above) Titanic (samesies) Walking dead (same as above) I am interested in: Stranger Things Marvel Netflix universe (jessica jones, daredevil, luke cage) 13 Reasons Why Curb your Enthusiasm Veep Carnibale Oz Six Feet Under The Wire...
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    Official SNK Neo-Geo Book: NEOGEO: A VISUAL HISTORY ネオジオ〜目で楽しむ軌跡〜 (Publisher Bitmap Books)

    i'm actually worried about my item not getting in time. I'll be moving from here in November and I don't know if it'll be stuck in limbo.
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    SNK Opens Online Store:

    I for one am really excited about this! i really hope they ship fast!
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    Neo Geo shirt

    so are we doing this or not? i'm sure we have plenty of people who would be willing to participate, amirite? Fygee? did you move to vegas?
  16. J

    Comfort TV - what's yours?

    it would probably be cowboy bebop that show just neutralizes me, it's just so relaxing makes me forget about everything
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    Neo Geo shirt

    I remember many many many years ago there was a t shirt design contest here that I dont' know if it ever materialized. Now with stuff like spreadshirt, teespring and many other sites that do the work for you? Has anyone ever considered doing this again? I would love ot have a neo store shirt...
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    Xbox one Game giveaway

    bought an Xbox one and it came with Halo Master Chief Collection (digital) if anybody wants it, let me know
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    Weekly roundup 10-3-15

    Xbox One Mad Max