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  1. machfive

    On Ebay: Phantom-1, KOF 94-00, Super Dodge Ball

    Up from grabs now on Ebay, you'll find a Blue Phantom-1, all the KOF games from '94 through 2000, an original US MVS copy of Super Dodge Ball and a copy of Metal Slug 5! There are a few other fun games up, including an original copy of FF7, a lot of 56 PC games, a Dreamcast broadband adapter...
  2. machfive

    FS: AES w/SVID & Unibios, Phantom-1, NGPC, 7 AES KOF Games, Super Dodgeball,tonsmore

    Time for another big Xmas sale! Last year I sold a lot of my collection and here's another chunk to help make it a very merry xmas for my family! Once again, the vast majority of these items where originally purchased off forum members, and I take very very good care of my games. All are minty...
  3. machfive

    *PRICES REDUCED!* Modded AES, Blue Phantom-1, AES, MVS & MVS kits for sale!

    I have been around for a couple years now but my absence from the boards is one of the reasons it's time to sell my rig. I bought most of this gear off of forum members, actually, so I hope that my relatively long tenure and buying from you fine folks will be enough to vouch for me! I wanted...
  4. machfive

    MVS Screen cutoff (noob question)

    So this is a question about my Phantom-1 setup - I know a lot of people don't dig the thing but it's worked well enough for me for 2 years. There's one thing that I've always noticed and I never thought to post about it until now - it just started really aggravating me when playing Last Blade...
  5. machfive

    Phantom protector?

    I've had my Phantom-1 for more than 2 years now and it's holding up well so far. Still, I'm a little worried about the force required to insert many MVS carts. I've not really posted on NG forums in, uh, a year ^_^, but I seem to recall someone making a protector that you put on the Phantom...
  6. machfive

    Great seller - Division

    I had an extremely fast, pain-free and friendly transaction with Division for a Metal Slug 5 AES cart. I highly recommend the man!
  7. machfive

    Ignore this

    Already mentioned, my bad.
  8. machfive

    WTB: Metal Slug 5 AES

    Though I'm new to the boards, I've been collecting Neo Geo games for about 7 years. I've been hunting on eBay for several months to find an affordable copy of MS5 AES (my collection at this point is almost entirely nice MVS kits but I can't play that kit with my Phantom). It seems every time I...