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  1. alphagamer

    Happy Birthday ratson!

    Have a good one (you old geezer) :D
  2. alphagamer

    Anyone had any luck reuniting mismatched kits?

    Would be nice to hear some stories against all odds.
  3. alphagamer


    Hachja, Google ワbersetzungen... musste schon schmunzeln
  4. alphagamer

    Happy Birthday Ratson

    Make it a good one! :buttrock::buttrock::buttrock:
  5. alphagamer

    Have you ever reunited a mismatched Neo Geo Kit?

    Some time ago I was getting excited when I found another mismatched The Last Blade kit, but the last number wasn't a match. I have 015528 and the box was 015526 I guess. So close. :buttrock:
  6. alphagamer

    Trade: My Puzzle De Pon /R vs. Your Waku Waku 7 (both MVS)

    Short on cash right now, but worth a try, I guess. Original holo label in English, very good condition. Those who traded with me before know that I take good care of my stuff.
  7. alphagamer

    A horizontal 2 Slot? Just found on eBay. Is this a bootleg PCB or something very rare?
  8. alphagamer

    Asterix PCB for sale - 65€

    Original Konami Asterix PCB for sale, clean, fully working. 65 Euro plus shipping.
  9. alphagamer

    WTB: Blazing Star MVS

    Original label preferred, sellers based in Europe preferred, no boots. I already own a copy, this is meant as a gift for a friend.
  10. alphagamer

    FS: 4 SLOT MOBO no sound, cosmetically good, 30€

    4 Slot, likely needs new capacitors, because it has no sound. 30€ + Shipping. Paypal gift or plus 5%, you know the drill. Any questions? Ask.
  11. alphagamer

    IC: Dragon Force US Sega Saturn

    The game is complete with backup ram sticker and everything, superb condition. The CD looks like new. Will post high res pictures if there is any interest.
  12. alphagamer

    FS: Puzzle de Pon R MVS - 75€ shipped

    To a good home for 75 Euros shipped, please send the money Paypal gift or plus 4%. Money is going to a good cause (ask cdamm).
  13. alphagamer

    Legend of Success Joe MVS

    Original label. 75€ shipped. EDIT: gone to genetik, payment pending.
  14. alphagamer

    IC: Mr. Bones Saturn PAL

    Any PAL Saturn collectors on the lookout for that title? I have a copy here, neat and complete.
  15. alphagamer

    FS: Metal Slug 5 English kit (cartridge version)

    I replied to a lot of WTB threads with this one, but only a lot of haggling and no takers. The kit is in excellent shape, down to the connectors shining like new. $160 shipped takes it.
  16. alphagamer

    Möchte jemand Blu-Rays tauschen?

    Ich hätte folgende Titel im Angebot, alles Region B, und ich gehe mit meinen Sachen pfleglich um! 13 Geister Burn After Reading District 9 Fargo Indiana Jones und der lange Filmtitel (der mit den Aliens, Teil 4 halt) Inglourious Basterds (Die Deutsche Blu-Ray Version ist länger als die...
  17. alphagamer

    FS: My ghetto arcade stick

    I slapped this together with parts I had laying around, the stick is a HAPP from a big red and the buttons are SANWA, best from both worlds :-) I will let this go cheap because the housing is a damn carton box :D To a good home for 15€
  18. alphagamer

    R.I.P Dave Brubeck

    faJE92phKzI Godspeed!
  19. alphagamer

    Dreamcast, PSX, Saturn

    Dreamcast: 2 x Official Lightguns: 19€ each 2 x Official Arcade Sticks: 30€ each PSX: DualShock Controller with built-in LCD (can handle PAL and NTSC, great for testing): 19€ Sega Saturn: Dracula X Chronicles, very good condition copy including spine and everything - 50€ Dragon Force US, very...
  20. alphagamer

    Play Asia coupons!

    XG-SOX-IWH US$8 off a purchase of US$88 or more CB-ANS-QNB US$15 off a purchase of US$150 or more just valid until the end of 2012