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    WTB: MV-1C, Kof97 AES.

    Looking for a working condition MV-1C and a gamer condition Kof97 AES (Japanese), the game can be in any condition, including a loose cart.
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    For Sale/Trade: Japanese Soccer Brawl AES

    I have a Japanese Soccer Brawl home cart. The game plays perfectly. Insert: Damaged on the top right (see picture), slightly wrinkled on top Box: No cracks inside, the plastic is in good condition and tight. (no wrinkles) Cart: Insertion marks and some scratches on the front. Manual: In...
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    Cart Fixing Issue.

    I got a big lot of mvs for free, but they are in awful condition (apparently some were stored for a while in a very humid environement). Most of the carts worked after a little clean up but for some, the pcbs were so much damaged that i had to use some old mvs pcb and transfert some the roms on...
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    List of mvs games not released in Japan ?

    I realized that a couple of mvs were only released in europe and the US, but never in Japan. I looked in the master list but it isnt mentioned, is there some kind of list of the countries of mvs releases ? Games that apparently didnt come out on the mvs format in Japan: - Bust a move again...
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    WTB : Prehistoric Isle 2 (Genshi tou 2)

    I looking for a cheap loose (even bootleg, i just want it to play it) mvs of PI2. I can trade with pretty much any kind of things (mvs / aes), or just buy it.
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    Getting rid of wrinkles on aes cases.

    Do any of you ever came up with a good technique to get rid of wrinkles on aes cases ?:scratch: I tried to put a pieces of cardboard under the plastic, a piece of cloth over it and iron it at low settings. But it actually sort of dried the wrinkles and made them narrower (and therefore more...
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    Aes Problem.

    I was playing and suddently the screen turned all scrambled like that. (i tried other games and it doesnt make a change). It seems like a power supply problem (i had a slot1 that took 12v instead of 5v) I used a 9v power supply for a long time and it worked fine. Here is a picture of the screen: