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    May The Force Be With You BITCHES!

    Rogue One is a big missed opportunity to expand the universe and let us see what else is out there and what can be done in the Star Wars cinematic universe—instead it’s just Force-fed (puns!) nostalgia dipped in standard fair action my biggest grip isn’t what the film is, but what it could’ve...
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    May The Force Be With You BITCHES!

    Donnie Yen was conned in to appeal to the Chinese market he even had those reservations prior to shooting and was assured that wasn’t the case he was right all along
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    May The Force Be With You BITCHES!

    it’s a film full of unsympathetic characterless characters who serve as nothing more than cannon and exposition fodder I’ve seen Rogue One four times in an attempt to glean some good qualities out of it and I still can’t name any of the characters off the top of my head except the droid (who...
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    Anyone collect board games? Just babbling about them.

    my buddy picked up Gloomhaven and proceeded to spend at least a full day sleeving all the cards and then flipping it when he saw how much it was going for on eBay (he doesn’t typically do things like that, but he saw a chance to make some extra Christmas money for his kids and went with it) I’m...
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    May The Force Be With You BITCHES!

    Force Awakens filled me a sense of nostalgic joy and renewed optimism for Star Wars, while Last Jedi took all of those positive feelings and turned them into Porg shit. I am as disappointed with this movie as I was with Phantom Menace and I never in my life believed that could happen to such a...
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    Switched: How Nintendo Won Me Back

    this thing is like Steam Jr. with triple A Nintendo titles and I love it I bought mine on a whim since I happened to see a few in stock at a Target a couple of months after its release and it’s turned into the console I’ve played the most in years (I don’t game nearly as much as I used to)...
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    SFV or SFIV--which to play?

    I feel like playing a fighter for some reason even though I haven't cared about them in a decade and even then it was casual. For whatever reason, these new SF games have piqued my curiosity. I read some stuff about V being kind of a mess (online connectivity wise) and it being more casual...
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    Wonder woman

    This film was a masterpiece when compared to Suicide Squad and Batman vs Superman. I only went to see it based off of the positive reviews; I'm not much of a review reader, but I've I was burned by the aforementioned films before. This was a solid and thoroughly enjoyable (albeit very safe and...
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    Anyone collect board games? Just babbling about them.

    Mage Knight is one of the best--so good.
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    So I saw Alien Covenant. I am pissed (spoiler free rant)

    Hearing that people liked Prometheus is as crazy to me as a Donald Trump being President.
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    The Surge (Sci-Fi Melee D-Souls Clone)

    They're fairly standard to be honest. I will say that between your exo suit options and crazy weaponry, the hero character looks pretty damn cool once you get some gear. I've put 20 hours into this and my opinion is the same--a respectable DS-like game worth playing, but definitely a better...
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    The Surge (Sci-Fi Melee D-Souls Clone)

    This will end up a cult classic. I picked it up on a whim and after 6 hours or so I'm quit enjoying the aesthetics and gameplay. I put a few hundred hours into DS3, but that's about it, so I'm not an expert on these types of games, but I certainly get the appeal and enjoy them even if I'm not...
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    Trump Fires Comey

    I feel bad for all the aspiring writers of Dystopian novels as Trump is taking all their good ideas before they can put them on paper.
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    Anyone collect board games? Just babbling about them.

    I own the Bloodborne game and I think it's great for what it is, but I wouldn't pay more than $20-25 for it. Definitely captures the feel of the game fairly well and is super quick to learn/play. You can play a few rounds and move onto something heavier, which you should, as the biggest problem...
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    Anyone collect board games? Just babbling about them.

    we play the original Shadows Over Camelot every so often really fun game, but we house rule that thing to make sure there's always a Traitor the game gets way less fun when you've figured out nobody is a Traitor halfway into the game
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    quickest way you have seen a person fuck up their life

    holy stupid-ass hyperbolic point Batman
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    Anyone collect board games? Just babbling about them.

    It's really good. If you like 7 Wonders, you will love it. I might even like it more than the original version just due to how easy it is to play and setup--it still feels very rewarding even with its simplicity stripped down. My buddy and I play that one a lot as a finisher after something...
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    that new Doctor Who companion is butt ass ugly.

    she looks like a normal human person and there's only been one episode what a perversely stupid fucking thread this is just the reactionary antithesis to all the SJWs showering this girl with unwarranted praise just because she's gay and black
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    Colossal piece of shit Neil Gorsuch confirmed to SC - fuck you ki_atsushi

    I'm burying my head in the sand for a while when it comes to this never-ending barrage of fantastically shitty news coming from our "leaders." It's time to make a more active effort to donate to charities that are going to need the most help from this destructively backwards world some of you...
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    Shia LaBeouf's 'Man Down' Sells Only One Ticket in U.K. Debut

    I started going to the movies myself this year always thought it was weird until I randomly did it and now I love it first show on a weekday = pretty much a whole theater to yourself and it's awesome