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  1. GohanX

    More Cave on the Smitch

    The arcade cabinet thing would be kinda cool as a thing you buy at Five Below's junk game accessory section.
  2. GohanX

    More Cave on the Smitch

    If it's not any worse than the 360 then it's fine by me. I'm not a competitive player and I don't notice 3 frames
  3. GohanX

    Paprium digital release on modern platforms

    Yeah, anyone playing 2D games in the past 30 years or so could see that a lot of the sprites and animation were traced from other games.
  4. GohanX

    GDEMU Installation Guide and Giveway

    Check out the 3d printed SD holders that fit in the hole where the GD rom drive was. It makes for a fantastic finished and easier to use installation.
  5. GohanX

    Alec Baldwin Brandon Lee'd someone

    Maybe it was an accident. And maybe... it was MURDER!
  6. GohanX

    Car Enthusiast Thread

    Jesus Christ dude *edit* That torque curve is so flat it's making me hard
  7. GohanX

    What are your big time homecarts you still want that are somewhat attainable?

    You and I have very different definitions of "obtainable" my friend.
  8. GohanX

    Android and Linux Handhelds - Shield, GCW Zero, GP2X, Pandora, Pyra, JXD, etc.

    Have you tried turning on RGA scaling on the 351P? It's not perfect, but IMO it's fine.
  9. GohanX

    Car Enthusiast Thread

    I finally did some stuff to my Mazdaspeed 6 that I've been putting off for well over a year. My front bumper cover was crooked from hitting a concrete curb I should have cleared when the car was lowered by the previous owner, and the shitty aftermarket headlight housings needed to go, which also...
  10. GohanX

    Question for the audiophile types

    Pretty much this. You won't know what's best until you try every option. I have a modern Onkyo receiver in my living room with an excellent DAC, so there's no reason not to feed it a digital signal. In my office I used to have an old Pioneer receiver and I would use an old laserdisc player since...
  11. GohanX

    Castlevania Advance Collection (PS4, Xbox One, Switch & PC)

    Noobs excited to play GBA games like they're brand new probably think it's good.
  12. GohanX

    offical wwe thread

    Watch this week's Dynamite and find out.
  13. GohanX

    The COVID-19 Thread and Hypothetical Boxing Predictions

    Florida deaths are spiking exponentially and is much, much higher than in January which was the peak in most of the rest of the United States. But as long as it's not your family dying everything is back to normal, right? It's just statistics. And old people, probably. They were gonna die anyway...
  14. GohanX

    The COVID-19 Thread and Hypothetical Boxing Predictions

    Our local hospital was doing this anyway during flu season long before Covid. They also banned children from visiting.
  15. GohanX

    The COVID-19 Thread and Hypothetical Boxing Predictions

    Taking that much time to call you back is a good filter to keep you out of places that are buried under so much bureaucratic bullshit that you really wouldn't want to be there.
  16. GohanX


    Yeah grandpa, stop spending your money on things you might enjoy so that when you're dead I can use it to buy a bitchin' Camaro.
  17. GohanX


    It's actually helpful at Harbor Freight if you buy stuff frequently. When the cheapass tool inevitably breaks they can look it up by phone number for a warranty replacement.
  18. GohanX

    Norm MacDonald dead at 61

    I had somehow never seen Dirty Work and pulled it up last night. Holy shit, this movie is amazing. I completely lost it at the dead hooker bit.
  19. GohanX

    I never played Kabuki Klash

    Well yeah, of course this is the way, but this is Neo Geo where people are perfectly willing to spend three or four figures on trash games just because of the platform and won't even consider an option where they don't physically own some shiny.
  20. GohanX

    I never played Kabuki Klash

    Kabuki Klash is one of those things where I'd recommend just getting the CD version for $20, playing for a few hours, and getting it out of your system. It's not a $20 CD anymore unfortunately.