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  1. skate323k137

    Question for the audiophile types

    Hey guys, I'm not a huge audiophile, but I always do appreciate good sound. I'm normally a vinyl listener if I'm going to listen to a full album at home, or CD/apple music if I don't own it on vinyl. Recently record prices are so crazy that some of my old favorite albums that I don't own, I'm...
  2. skate323k137

    FS: Ghouls n Ghosts conversion 175 shipped SOLD

    Clearing out some unused boards. First is this cps1 GnG conversion. Asking $175 shipped in the US. Sold! Pics: Open to reasonable offers, not seeking trades unless you happen to have a clean behringer td-3 by chance.
  3. skate323k137


    Hey guys, inspired by my ringedge drive giveaway, bubba966 has donated some SSD's to be made into X2 multis to use one you'll need an X2 motherboard, and a mounting adapter for the smaller drive: These are free to good...
  4. skate323k137

    Happy Birthday Dr Shroom

    Happy birthday you glorious motherfucker. This place wouldn't be the same without you.
  5. skate323k137

    Best old Mac (PPC / G3) games

    I recently got out my old G3 macs to play THPS2 when the remaster got announced. I also fired up the original Warcraft and that was a good time. I've got a 1st gen G3 iMac and a 500 mhz pismo powerbook. I grew up with DOS at home, but Mac at school. I've played most of the DOS classics but I'm...
  6. skate323k137

    FREE STUFF: Ringedge 1/2 Multi game HDDs (claimed)

    A multi-game Sega Ringedge2 HDD image dropped on momentarily, before the thread, and ultimately the entire ringedge section of the forum, were nuked. People are already scalping Ring multigames for $200+ While these are a little tricky to make, it doesn't justify that kind...
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    Delete my account

  8. skate323k137

    SotM October 2018: Espgaluda

    You asked for it :) Time for some good old fashioned risk and reward shoot em upping. Arcade defaults PCB, MAME, PS2 all OK unless they aren't. HIGH SCORES Kidpanda - 30,016,350 - All - Ageha _rm_ - 17,621,530 - lv 5 - Ageha / PCB rsgun - 16,251,880 - 5 skate323k137 - 15,402,170 - lv 5 -...
  9. skate323k137

    SOTM October 2018 Poll

    Going with what I can play easy while disassembling/reassembling my stuff :) Lets vote a day or 2 and I'll get a thread up. if any of my choices suck or were just done, let me know, normally I would have checked better 1st.
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    Fire extinguished.
  11. skate323k137

    FS: Mvs carts (KOF 03, Garou, aof)

    Clearing out just a few: NEO GEO MVS CARTS (all original): Sold! KOF 2003 (repro label, translucent blue case) - $85 shipped sold! Sold! Garou MOTW, green case, no serial / repro label - $130 shipped sold! Art Of Fighting english label w/serial - $25 shipped (SOLD) League Bowling - $50...
  12. skate323k137

    Neo Geo Game of the Month June - TURFES EDITION - Neo Turf Masters!

    TURF MASTERS MOTHERFUCKERS. JAPAN COURSE! RULES · Default settings - Infinite credits allowed - MVS [difficulty] Level Submit scores as Name - Score - Golfer - Platform - # Credits (if you remember) I know there's a ton of bad ass los turfes members around here, so this should be a fun one.
  13. skate323k137

    Happy Birthday Lemony Vengeance!!

    HBD to a great member of our community. Cheers LV!
  14. skate323k137

    FS: namco 256 / Atomiswave + FOTNS

    Raiding the closets in my continued decluttering... Shipped prices in USA, I can ship to Canada for a difference in postage cost. I have: Still for sale: Atomiswave with hokuto no ken / FOTNS Cart Orig cart, not a boot. $315 shipped with a good motherboard. -- --- SOLD STUFF Super...
  15. skate323k137

    CLOSED: Ringedge and games. Baller status.

    Hey guys. Preparing to buy a house, and would like to keep this with a good community member if I sell it. I have a sega ringedge, with game Virtua Tennis 4. I cannot consider splitting this. To do so would render some amount of it worthless to the owners. _CLOSED / NO LONGER FOR SALE_
  16. skate323k137

    ALL GONE: NAOMI 1 stuff, eco fighters or dimahoo cps2 boot

    CLOSED / SOLD Power Stone 2 cart and NAOMI motherboard, will include multi bios - sold for $200 shipped Eco Fighters CPS2, blue shell, color repro label, CONVERSION. I did this myself with quality EPROMS. sold for $100 shipped.
  17. skate323k137

    Anyone like old Mac computers?

    Backstory: I grew up with DoS at home, and eventually windows 3.1 on up, but our schools always had macs. So I got to mess with apple II's, quadra, performa, power macs, basically everything leading up to OSX and all the 68K / PPC stuff. About 12 years ago when I left my parents house at...
  18. skate323k137

    Skate sells... vinyl? Record sale mofos!

    Clearing out a very small portion of my vinyl collection, priced as marked below discogs values, but I'm still definitely flexible. If you're curious of the release / pressing of a record, check my personal discogs collection (not the stuff listed for sale) and it should be in there...
  19. skate323k137

    WTB preassembled lm1881 boards

    Anyone still make pre-assembled (populated) lm1881 boards? I'm tired of making them from scratch.
  20. skate323k137

    FS: NAOMI Board with WWF, 246 games, NAOMI gd

    NAOMI BOARD + CART NAOMI1 board with WWF royal rumble cart. Just tested; working. Have pics on request. Probably has an old BIOS being a cart game, I can update or send a newer one at your request. This game supports 4 players but not on capcom IO, you must link 2 sega IO boards (JAMMA or JVS...