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    HBD Mr. 5L

    Happy Birthday Mr. @LoneSage, my favorite Chinese forum member. May Mao bless you on this day.
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    Happy Birthday Smokehouse

    HBD. May your neighbors' homes be worse than yours.
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    NFL 2021 Thread

    I am disappointed the 49ers took Lance. I was hoping they'd really go Mac Jones and shake things up.
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    Yorkshire Pudding

    I was thinking about making a rib roast and then I saw that something called Yorkshire Pudding could be made from the fat/drippings. For all the Brits, in this forum. Is it good?
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    Happy Birthday Tw3ek

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    Welcome Major17Wood!

    If and when you get your account approved...welcome you fagit. I hope your $700+ AES with US BIOS is serving you well.
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    Kobe Bryant Dead in a Helicopter Crash

    wow... edit: it is tmz, though. but still, if true, wow.
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    Boobies GIF

    When did the GIF get left-justified? Is this a political statement? I preferred when it was moderately in the center.
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    Happy Birthday to Yodd!

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    WTB: JP MotW MVS Kit

    Looking to buy a Japanese Mark of the Wolves Kit.
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    2019 NHL Playoff Predictions

    I think the Avs are going to get swept in a crushing fashion.
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    Samurai Shodown III JP AES

    Selling this joint for $110 with shipping if you are in the US. I'll post pics tonight, if I get home early enough. Otherwise I'll post them by tomorrow.
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    Happy Birthdays (March)

    Happy birthday to everyone who was born in March. This group birthday announcement should solve everything.
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    World Heroes 2 MVS Giveaway

    Merry early Christmas. Had my fun with this cart and not worth it to sell it. Reply to this thread to be entered and I'll do a drawing around Sunday (11/18). No noobs and known scumbags. 1. LoneSage 2. c0nn0r 3. XxHennersXx 4. herb 5. JoeAwesome 6. DanAdamKOF 7. sr20det510
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    Happy Birthday Chinese Kid

    Happy Birthday!
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    Lions3 custom mvs shell give away

    I made a hasty purchase awhile back for the first run of lions's custom mvs shell and found out it doesn't fit my cmvs. I am giving it away to a non-noob, pre-October account. Just let me know if you want to enter. Drawing will be Saturday. Edit: Only users from North America, please. 1...
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    (Sold) FS: Garou, Samurai Shodown 2, and 120-in-1 MVS Carts w/ Shockboxes

    First sale let me know if my prices are out of whack. Will only sell to US buyers and the prices are with shipping. I'll post pictures later tonight or tomorrow. (Sold) Garou (decent JP label) with Shockbox - $175 (Sold) Samurai Shodown with Shockbox and Art Set - $45 (Sold)...
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    Cheap, Crap Genesis Games Giveaway

    I dunno why my friend gave me these and I don't know why I decided to take them. If someone wants them you can have them. I have slim hope someone will want these, but you'll be doing me a favor. * Bulls vs. Lakers (loose cart) * Cyborg Justice (box, no manual) * Fifa International Soccer...
  19. basic Fantasy Football League

    Anyone that is interested please let me know. We will need a minimum of 10 people. Anything less than that will be a shit show. In: 1. basic 2. Tung Fu ru 3. 90s 4. ebinsugewa 5. HDRchampion Maybe: - Lets Gekiga In
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    Giveaway - Thrash Rally MVS

    Probably last giveaway for a while. It has original boards but looks like one of the boards has been repaired and the cart has an ugly repro label. No noobs, no leeches, and US only. Drawing will happen Friday. I'll post pictures, if people want them. Added condition: Winner must take a...