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  1. loegan43

    FS: CPS2 boards MVC and D&D SOM A&B boards

    MVC CPS2 A&B board. Green board phoenixed to USA region. USA A board. Both working perfectly. $200 and shipping. (MVC sold on another forum) CPS2 gray Asian A&B board set. D&D SOM. On battery. Changed 2015. Cracks on the left side of the b board case, as pictured. $300 and shipping. (SOLD) >>>...
  2. loegan43

    FS: Atomiswave FOTNS original cart and motherboard

    Hi, I have an original AW Fist of the North Star cart and AW motherboard, $225 shipped in the US. Will ship internationally. PM me for a shipping quote.
  3. loegan43

    CPS 1 Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighting

    CPS1 Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighting, complete boardset, tested and working. $140 shipped in the US (will ship outside the US, PM me.)
  4. loegan43

    FS: CPS 1.5 Q-sound and CPS 2 games

    Shipping in the US included. Extra $10 to ship to Canada, will ship internationally, PM me for a quote. Pictures upon request. CPS 1.5 Q-Sound Warriors of Fate (suicide fixed, no more batteries) $275 CPS 2 Super Street Fighter II Turbo (blue US b board, battery changed this year, clean case...
  5. loegan43

    FS: CPS2, CPS1.5, JAMMA boards

    A couple CPS2 b boards, a Warriors of Fate and a couple more boards I'll be listing as I get a chance to go through them. Prices do not include shipping, PM me for a quote. I will ship via USPS Priority Mail w/ tracking and insurance. Dungeons and Dragons: Shadows Over Mystara (blue b...
  6. loegan43

    FS/FT: Hyper Street Anniversary CPS2 black board.

    HSFA CPS2 single black board. Still running on it's original battery. $300 and shipping. Will also consider trades, let me know what you got. Sorry guys, not changing the battery on this one. They are a bit tougher to do, I'll leave it for the next owner. Mainman and Mitsurugi-W can both...
  7. loegan43

    Misc Arcade PCB's $50 shipped sale

    I've got too many boards. :( Buy any of these boards for $50 shipped (in the US. I'll ship internationally, but you pay the extra shipping cost). All boards are 100% original and working. All of these boards should fit in a USPS Priority Mail flat rate box. Will discount for multiple board...
  8. loegan43

    SOLD: CPS2 Cyberbots and Rockman 2 "B" boards

    Prices are shipped in the US via USPS Priority Mail w/ tracking. Will ship internationally at extra cost. Payment via paypal gift preferred. CPS2 Cyberbots (green, japanese, battery, last changed 2011) $150 - SOLD CPS2 Rockman 2 (green, japanese, battery, unknown last changed date) $150 -...
  9. loegan43

    FS: MVS carts

    All carts sold and shipped. SOLD: King of Fighters 98 (not pictured, blue cart, japanese label) $35 - sold to DJ Long Cat King of Fighters 96 $25 - sold to ggallegos1 Mutation Nation $35 - sold to DonMontG Street Slam $30 - sold to skate323k137 Samurai Showdown IV (labels peeling) $30 - sold...
  10. loegan43

    SOLD: Toaplan Outzone PCB (Taiwan Region) Outzone PCB, clean, original, taiwan region, set 2. (SOLD on shmups for $150 shipped in the US) via USPS Priority Mail w/ tracking.
  11. loegan43

    Captain's Auction on Nov 2nd Going to be a big one. The Nickel Arcade in Whittier, CA is closing down and Captain's Auction is liquidating all of their stuff. Including this Neo 50. IIRC, someone here was looking for one.
  12. loegan43

    (SOLD) CPS2 D&D Shadows over Mystara b board

    Green shelled, D&D SOM, phoenixed to USA Region, good shell and sticker, but the shell is a bit dirty. $225 shipped (in the US). Payment via paypal gift or add 4% fees. Will ship international as well, PM for a shipping quote. Link to pics here: Sold to Metalslug
  13. loegan43

    FS: MVS Kits

    Got a few kits to get rid of. I collect loose carts, but have ended up with a few complete kits over the years. All have matching serials and are in great condition. Pics are here: Payment via paypal gift or add 4% fees. Shipping not included. PM me for a...
  14. loegan43

    FS: Misc PCBs

    Prices are shipped. Will be adding more as I get a chance to sort out/ clean up the game room. Will add pictures as well. King of the Fighters 2003 PCB $50 Atlus Heaven's Gate $60 Brezzasoft Crystal of Kings (cart and mobo) $170 Mutant...
  15. loegan43

    Great deal on a Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection kit over at KLOV I've dealt with the seller before, he's a good dude and very reliable. Price drop from $550, which I thought was a good price. At $350, it's an insanely good price. The software alone sells for $150-$250, when you can find it.
  16. loegan43

    3rensho - possible deal gone bad

    Hoping this issue will be resolved, but posting this on Matsu's behalf. I've done business with Matsu in the past (as many of us here have) and have found him to be honorable, trustworthy and honest. Met with him today while dropping off a Blast City monitor for 300wins (picked it up for him...
  17. loegan43

    FS/FT: CPS2 boards and some misc Capcom games

    Prices do not include shipping. PM me what you want and I can get you a shipping quote. Will ship via USPS Priority Mail w/ tracking. SOLD: CPS2 Gigawing (green/phoenixed) $140>>$125 SOLD to Legoslug X-men vs Street Fighter (green/battery) $80>>$65 SOLD to Jon713 Mars Matrix...
  18. loegan43

    Lowering Tekken 5 cabinet to sit down height

    Posting this here since there are a few owners of these cabs on the forum. (From the manual, just missing the pictures , don't really need them). To Lower the Monitor Cabinet 1. Remove the two harness covers, found below the control panel, on the inside surface of each left and right...
  19. loegan43

    Samurai Shodown Kit

    Pulled this kit out of the closet and noticed it doesn't have serials (though it's an english cart and box label). Also the cart is black (most if not all Samurai Shodown carts I've seen are clear, unless japanese carts). It looks new and the boards are legit. It also has english and spanish...
  20. loegan43

    FS: System 246 games, CPS3 III, misc PCB's

    Got a couple more things on the chopping block. PM with any questions, I will get pictures up for those that don't have links in a few days. Prices are shipped in the US, PM for an international shipping quote. Capcom Sony ZN-2 Tetris the Grandmaster $200 shipped...