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  1. NeoSneth

    Window XP gaming

    Looking for some ideas on how to easily perform some Windows XP gaming with the intent of local LAN gaming. I'm planning to have a throwback session with some friends, and I looking at options for hardware. Looking to play things like UT 2k3, but nothing more complex than that. I've...
  2. NeoSneth

    A pirate's life....

    Everything was going well after cutting the cord several years ago... but now my streaming services have breached the $100 mark. * Hulu (no adds) + Live Television * HBO Max * Netflix family My VPN is less than $10 a month... To quote the infamous advertising of the Atari Jaguar , "Do the...
  3. NeoSneth

    WTB : Sega Genesis JVC controller

    I'm hoping someone has a bin of genny controllers and they have one of the JVC branded ones. Condition is not all that critical. Thanks
  4. NeoSneth

    Let's acknowledge what's going in in France...

    The French are appropriately standing their ground against religious terrorism, and the population is getting attacked. I honestly don't think other nations would have united against Islamic terrorism to the point of projecting Mohammed for everyone to see. I hope they continue to stay united...
  5. NeoSneth

    Star Wars - Squadrons

    This game is only $40, and it's absolutely amazing. I was worried controls would be too simple like War Thunder, but it's a nice mix of technical while not a full Sim. It borrows quite heavily from Elite Dangerous, right down to the system controls. Shields, Weapons, and Engines. It's even the...
  6. NeoSneth

    FS: Switch Games

    Price Drop. I think these were a bit too high. SOLD - Mario Odyssey Sold - Smash Bros Ultimate SOLD - Animal Crossing : New Horizons SOLD- Luigi's Mansion 3 All Complete in Case Free US Shipping
  7. NeoSneth

    Let's make fun of Southerners yall

    It's OK. It's white people. You can apparently still mock stupid, slow talk, country folk. There are two animated shows this year focusing on southern hi-jinks. King of the Hill was endearing, but these shows focus primarily on the stupid. Really, I'm surprised we can have any comedy in...
  8. NeoSneth

    Raspberry Pi 4

    PS2 and DC emulation viable? i couldn't find the specs on the processor. I'm surprised they didn't add type C connectors outside the power supply.
  9. NeoSneth

    Wtf happened to due-process?

    i dont know any of these people or any of these claims, but should "believe-able" surpass due process? what am i talking about? anything.... metoo, timesup, etc.... I dont know half the people in the news, but i sure as shit dont believe people making claims against them either. i've always...
  10. NeoSneth

    Secret of Mana remake - the end of an era

    This is how SquareEnix dies. $40 for a game that looks and plays like original $10 WiiWare. Sound and Music is horrendous. The remastered tracks sound more like free jazz noise. Thankfully you can set it back to original. Turn off the voice acting before it ruins the experience right away...
  11. NeoSneth

    Sold: FiiO X1 - silver

    Brand New in shrink $75 shipped - SOLD
  12. NeoSneth

    PC: MVS-4-25 (ver. 3) Big Red

    Thanks folks
  13. NeoSneth

    FS - Hori HRAP 3 Pro PS3/PC/PS4

    I'm moving soon. time to let this go. $50 + shipping SOLD :(
  14. NeoSneth

    SD and microSD storage solutions(cases)?

    i've browsed amazon, and i'm just not seeing anything that clicks with me. I figured the handheld folks might have something clever. DIY stuff is fine with me as well. My microSD cards are getting out of hand, and it's going to get worse with Switch.
  15. NeoSneth

    small Shipping LifeHack with paypal

    I just recently found out about a way to create First Class, Media Mail, and Priority labels online without using USPS or USPS doesn't let you ship any other method than Priority Mail in the Online store. can do this, but it has a required membership fee. Apparently you...
  16. NeoSneth

    FS - Cocktail Cabinet Chassis

    $150 OBO. I would probably do less for yall. I threw this up on my local craiglist, but I figured I would give it a go here as well. Local pickup is probably the only reasonable shipping method. This is a Dynamo HS-6 Square cocktail cabinet. This is a very modular cabinet with quick latches...
  17. NeoSneth

    FS: Ipad Mini 2 16GB

    $150 shipped - SOLD Ipad Mini 2 Space Grey 16GB Model - ME2276LL/A .:Pristine Condition:. Screen Protector from Day 1 Not a scratch on any part of this thing. I bought this a while back, and i was suddenly issued a new Ipad Pro from work. 1st world problem, i know... i actually prefer the...
  18. NeoSneth

    Trip Advice Needed : Berlin and Munich

    I will be travelling a fair amount of Europe for most of Sept and October. I have most days settled and booked already, but I have some open time in Germany. Hamburg, Dusseldorf, Cologne, and Darmstadt are all planned. I have two unplanned days in Berlin. Some friends are going to...
  19. NeoSneth

    Stranger Things - Netflix Series

    Watch dis. Hits the setting perfectly. Feels a lot like "Super 8" and 80's Steven King.
  20. NeoSneth

    Free Giveaway - The definition of Miscellaneous

    I have some leftovers to give away. This is a single bundle that I'll ship to an individual in the continental USA. I'll do the random thing for anyone that posts they are interested by tomorrow evening. Single Misc Package -Saturday Night Slammasters (thx Kid Panda) -Hundred Swords (DC)...