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  1. Lastblade

    Fast and the Furious - my new-to-me car

    So I posted about my run-in with a deer at the end of last year ( with my manual Honda Element. Unfortunately, it is still in the shop and nowhere near fixed. Fast forward to a couple of weekends ago, I saw this car ad and immediately...
  2. Lastblade

    Oh deer!

    I got into a pretty bad car accident last night. I hit a deer straight on the highway and damaged the car pretty badly. Reviewing the dashcam footage, the deer was trying to cross a 10 lane highway and I had about 2 to 3 seconds of time to react. I was able to slow down significantly but...
  3. Lastblade

    FS: Limited Run Games - Mostly PS4 (new) and Vita

    I have the following LimitedRunGames for sale, all PS4 games are still in shrinkwrapped. Shipping is $6 for first 3 games (except for the Y's collector's edition, I will price that out accordingly) and free for 4 or more games. Paypal F&F or +3% Pictures here PS4 LR-P21 The Swapper - $24...
  4. Lastblade

    ISO: Core Grafx

    Looking for a CG 1 or 2 with adapter/av cable, preferably boxed. Thanks.
  5. Lastblade

    Wanted: SNES system

    Anyone has a working SNES system? Just need the system itself, don't need adapter or anything else. Thanks.
  6. Lastblade

    Real Bout 2 (AES)

    I miss this game, I prefer English but will settle for JPN. Is the English a lot more than JPN?
  7. Lastblade

    Dreamcast Kiosk

    Gone to a good home, thanks!
  8. Lastblade

    ISO: Geforce 9500 GT

    If you have this old videocard (with the component out cable), let me know, thanks!
  9. Lastblade

    WTB Lost Kingdoms 1/2 (GCN)

    Looking for CIB Lost Kingdoms 1 or 2... Thanks!
  10. Lastblade

    ISO: Colony Wars Trilogy (PS1)

    Looking to buy Colony Wars, Colony Wars Vegenance and CW: Red Sun for PS1/US. Complete please!
  11. Lastblade

    WTB: Sega Saturn S-video cable

    I want to hook up my Saturn to my receiver, would like a S-video cable so it doesn't look like crap on my tv. Let me know if you got an extra cable. Thank you!
  12. Lastblade

    WTB: Retrogamer 97

    I missed last month's issue (97), if anyone has a copy (or can get a copy), that would be awesome. Here is the cover.
  13. Lastblade

    FS: 360 - 250gig hdd and some cheap games

    I traded in my old 360 and got a new model, so the 250 gig hard drive is up for sale. I bought this earlier this year so it was not under heavy use. Shipping is extra, paypal gift preferred and there are a couple of pictures here. 250 gig hard drive for old model 360: SOLD Mafia II: $7 Bad...
  14. Lastblade


    After 3/4 years of on and off playing, I finally 1000/1000 EDF 2017 on 360. Inferno difficulty is brutal, thank god for the most powerful turrets. I collected the last weapon last night and now, I am ready for the sequel. EDF EDF EDF!
  15. Lastblade

    PS3 hard drive caddy

    Anyone know where i can buy a hdd caddy for the fat ps3? I just can't get the 60 gig off, and i don't want to use ebay.
  16. Lastblade

    Call of Duty: Black Ops (360)

    It is in near mint condition. Didn't like the multi.... $43 shipped within USA (PP Gift)
  17. Lastblade

    FS: Halo Reach $45

  18. Lastblade

    Union county, NJ -anyone lives there?

    We are thinking of moving there, any fellow NGer lives there?
  19. Lastblade

    FS: 360 harddrive (120gig) - SOLD

    I have a spare 360 120gig harddrive. This is brand new, never used. I bought another Elite and swapped this hdd with my old Elite hdd instead of doing the transfer. Hence, this is 100% authentic and everything. Would like to get $50 shipped (PP gift) for it. I can take some pics tonight.
  20. Lastblade

    FS: Red Dead Redemption (360), Lips, Killzone 2, Ps2 and PSP games

    EVERYTHING IS SOLD, THANK YOU TO ALL! Paypal gift only. Shipping is $2 for first game, $1 for each additional game (except for Lips package, I will calculate shipping based on your zip). Every game is near mint/adult owned. Pictures here Red Dead Redemption (360) - code for extra...