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  1. GutsDozer

    Neo Secret Santa 2021

    It's that time of the year again! Want to get an early start this year. Especially with all the chaos that has been going on. This will let the maximum number of members participate. Welcome to Neo Secret Santa 2021. Gutzyclaus is comin' to town. To keep it fun for everyone involved, there's a...
  2. GutsDozer

    Happy Birthday Craig

    Happy Birthday brother. I wish we could celebrate it back home. You're the man. Instead of stupid bitch just for today I'll call you intelligent gentleman.
  3. GutsDozer

    Hurricane Ida

    Craig and I are both still in New Orleans and are about to ride out a massive hurricane. I'll try to keep yall updated that we are ok. Leaving really was not possible thanks to our shitty local government not responding quick enough and enacting evacuation. Keep us in your thoughts.
  4. GutsDozer

    Moving Is Going To Be Insane.

    So moving to a new place. I'm feeling slightly overwhelmed. The realization of how many games, consoles, arcade machine, collectibles I have to pack and move is crazy. Like where the hell am I going to get enough bubble wrap. and on top of that I need a trillion baggies for action figures out...
  5. GutsDozer

    Member Recipe Extravaganza!

    Talking to Tak about food inspired this thread. Feel free to share any and all your favorite recipes and post the outcome of trying other's recipes! Meat Balls ------------ Ingredients: 2 LB Ground Chuck Beef 2 Eggs 3-4 Green Onions Salt Pepper Dried Parsley Dried Basil Finley Grated...
  6. GutsDozer

    Mega Man The Wily Wars North American Physical Release Available For Pre-Order!!

    So Retrobit and LRG partnered to release Mega Man The Wily Wars as a physical release for Megadrive/Genesis. Not only is the game's speed fixed but it comes with an unreal amount of extras and its only 69.99 USD! Check it out I know a couple of the lads here are gonna want to scoop it! My...
  7. GutsDozer

    What The Heck Ever Happened To Armored Core?

    I was trying to find a decent mech building game the other day and it trips me out that Armored Core is literally not available anywhere. What happened? They just let AC die? anyone have any suggestions for a new game to play in this genre?
  8. GutsDozer

    Super Difficult Finishing Moves Were Planned For Capcom Fighting Allstars

    Some of these inputs are absolutely nuts and makes the hardest Geese inputs look easy. What the hell were they thinking?
  9. GutsDozer

    Games You Wish Would Get Made...But Probably Won't

    What are some games you wish would get made or released but chances are never will? Personally I wish there was a remake or retro style sequel for Shatterhand on NES. I also to this day really wish Mega Man Universe had come out.
  10. GutsDozer

    Found/ New Vic20 Console Or C64 Maxi.

    Looking to get the new Vic20 or C64 Maxi. Literally can't find either anywhere. Anyone got one to part with or able to get hands on one in the US or UK?
  11. GutsDozer

    Weird Accessories And Hardware.

    I don't know why but I absolutely love weird and strange accessories for consoles. Every thing from R.O.B. to bizarre Stuff like the Dreamcast Zip Drive and 64 DD. Do you have any weird accessories and what is your favorite/ holy grail?
  12. GutsDozer

    Holiday Gaming 2020

    What games are you playing this holiday? I always load up SamSho III and KOF 95 in the MVS because they remind me of playing around Christmas time as a kid. It's become a tradition. I also always play Christmas Nights. What is your holiday go to games and are you looking forward to playing any...
  13. GutsDozer

    Neo Secret Santa 2020

    It's that time of the year again! To keep it fun for everyone involved, there's a few rules to follow. PLEASE READ THEM CAREFULLY! Scrooges will be beaten about the head and neck and dragged through a pine forest via sled. RULES: 1- Secret Santa is for established members only (to make sure...
  14. GutsDozer

    Gutz Needs Some Saturn Help.

    So I have not had a Saturn in over 15 years. I recently scooped a Victor Saturn and need a little info from the more knowledgeable lads. I've been told there are carts that support 1 and 4 mb games and also allow multi region and back up play. can anyone tell me what to look for or what it's...
  15. GutsDozer

    (SOLD) FS/ Ninja Gaiden Jamma Board

    Alright lads, selling my Ninja Gaiden Jamma PCB. Scooped it several years ago from the forums. In great condition and 100 percent working. Beaten it a few times and now looking for a new home. Asking 125.00$ USD Shipped. Obviously willing to ship Locally but will also ship to Canuck bros but...
  16. GutsDozer

    Suggest The Best TG-16 / PC Engine Games To Play

    I've had my PC Engine and Everdrive for awhile and I play a handful of games. I know I'm probably missing out on lots of gems so please tell me your must play list. Thanks gents.
  17. GutsDozer

    Happy Birthday Craig

    Happy Birthday you stupid beotch.
  18. GutsDozer

    Craig Is A Fazzah X3!!!

    Craig and his family welcomed a new healthy baby boy! That makes 3 children! Or a hat trick if you would. Congratulations you stupid Bitch. Truly this man has some world class juices brewed in the old satchel!!!:multi_co:
  19. GutsDozer

    How Many Robot Masters Did Dr. Wily Actaully Create?

    So Not counting Skull Castle robots The breakdown kinda goes like this. Mega Man 1- Helps Dr Light Create Proto Man/Blues and initial designs for The Original 7 Robot Masters and reprograms them and Proto Man is MIA Mega Man 2- Creates 8 Original Robot Masters. The first true series of Wily...