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  1. Giga Power

    MVS Monitor Question

    I have a four slot and two of the games I have in right now are showing little black borders on the top of the screen around the corner (when they didn't before) and the other two games aren't. It's only at the left and right top corners of the screen. Is there anything else that can fix this...
  2. Giga Power

    Jockey Grandprix Anyone played this? I've never heard anything about it.
  3. Giga Power

    Replacement Sticks

    After years of use the Player One stick on my MVS cab is acting up. It's pretty much impossible to do a diagonal motion anymore. I can't even play Metal Slug or a Shmup...and of course fighters are just useless. :qcf::( Where's the best place to get some nice MVS style sticks?
  4. Giga Power

    wanted: neo geo cd unit

    I'm thinking about picking up a CD unit in the hopes that one day I can find some of the exclusive stuff for it. (Crossed Swords 2 *drool*) I'm looking for the original model as the CDZ is too pricey for the reason I'm getting it. Can someone help me out? Or point me in the right direction...
  5. Giga Power

    What game would you like to see make a comeback?

    Even though Samurai Shodown could have always been expected to get another installment, it got me thinking. And considering the talk about SNKP's IPs and all I was wondering.. If SNKP would do a sequel to any Neo Geo game, what would you want it to be? What series would you like to see get new...
  6. Giga Power

    Metal Slug Online?

    From Insert Credit: "Mega Enterprises has announced that they will be making online versions of Metal Slug from SNK, as well as Falcom's Zwei!!. No exact word on how this is going to come about, but the full report is on Gpara ." Here is the link in question-...
  7. Giga Power

    Jackson Arrested?

    They've put a warrant for his arrest, bond set at 3 million.
  8. Giga Power

    Biblical question (let's try not to start a flame war)

    I've been on this site for a long time and I know how off topic and crazy threads on religion can be, but theres something that I've been wondering about. First off I'm agnostic. I do not deny or believe in god. I simply don't think that theres enough evidence to prove or disprove that...
  9. Giga Power

    Best free web hosting sites?

    I was going to put up a site, and was going to use moonfruit, however it's free only for 14 days. Anyone know of a good free service?
  10. Giga Power

    SVC move list site

    I found a site a few days ago that had a movelist, the latest codes, and a huge win screen section. Anyone know the site name. It was neo-chaos or something like that. Someone help me out.
  11. Giga Power

    Giga's impressions:SNK VS CAPCOM

    Well I finally put some time into the game. My roommates and I know a guy that works at Tilt, and we stayed and put in played after they closed. I watched the game a long time before I ever played it. I was letting everyone else get it out of their system, and I was enjoying the intros and...
  12. Giga Power Offical Freddy VS Jason reaction thread

    Well I just got back from seeing the movie, and I don't really know how to feel about it. I used to watch horror movies with my Uncle when I was little every single night I stayed with him and my aunt. The Friday the 13th and Nightmare movies were of course, traditions. So theres already going...
  13. Giga Power

    New Tennessee SvC location

    If anyone lives in the area the Mall in Bristol Tn is getting SvC Chaos later today. My roommate is good friends with the manager and he says that they will have it ready to go on wednesday. They are putting it in one of their big Tekken 4 cabs. Oh the joy. <small>[ August 12, 2003, 02:59...
  14. Giga Power

    Giga Power

    How many games start with the Giga Power intro?
  15. Giga Power

    Castlevania Party

    Castlevania Party I've been meaning to post this for about a week, but I have yet to do so. With Lament of Innocence coming out soon I decided to go back and play through all of the Castlevanias that I could get my hands on. Right now I am playing through Dracula X. And last week I beat Aria Of...
  16. Giga Power

    Help me out people...I'm dying..

    Help me out people...I'm dying.. Ok. I just signed on to the site. And I'm reading all these posts about hidden chararcters in SvC. Who all has been confirmed, and does anyone have pics? Every link I've found on my own is dead. And I've seen a few SS0 shots going arouond. Has anyone seen...
  17. Giga Power

    Macky & Pentell: AwesomeTSS fan game!

    I found this on the net, and thought that some people here would be interested. It plays different than Twinkle Star Sprites, but it's still a fun time-waster. The quality is actually nice too. <a href=""...
  18. Giga Power

    New logo/KOF Online news

    SNK Playmore's new logo <img src="" alt=" - " /> And they have also backed out of the deal with the company that was making KOF Online.
  19. Giga Power

    SvC Chaos Announcer

    After watching some of the videos over at last week, my room mate and I have coined a new phrase. "No Essskape!" *brief pause* "Fiiiiiiiii!!!!" (Love the way he doesn't actually say the english language, or any language for that matter, word for fight. Just the first part of it.)...
  20. Giga Power

    And the saddness starts to evelope me...

    And the saddness starts to evelope me... It's going to happen to all of us. So I'm going to go ahead and let it get to me now. We all have someone that we really want to make it into SvC, and it just might not happen. I don't think that the game is going to suck in any way, but I'm coming to...