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  1. RocketLawnChair

    Happy Birthday: RocketLawnChair

    Hey, thanks everyone! Sorry I'm not around much these days. Just been busy with "real life" stuff, and I'm spending a lot less time on the net in general. Trying to enjoy the weather as much as possible, so I haven't been gaming much either. Again, thank you for the birthday wishes. Stay cool...
  2. RocketLawnChair

    Brikin'ger/Iron Clad Coming To The Wii Virtual Console

    About time. Very nice. ;)
  3. RocketLawnChair

    Blazing Star AES and Pulstar AES for sell

    Indeed. Glad I'm not a homecart guy. ;)
  4. RocketLawnChair


    Yeah, I'm definitely glad it worked out. Was a bit low on cash. Everything's going to a long time member too, so I like that. 16-bit wound up making a reasonable offer, and I accepted. Usually what happens if I sell something fairly quick. :) Was just browsing your thread by the way. SOMEONE...
  5. RocketLawnChair


    With blazing speed, I might add. I'll shoot you a PM as soon as everything ships. Thanks again. :)
  6. RocketLawnChair


    NES bundle pics added, guys. :) I've also added an SNES w/ Super Mario Allstars. :up:
  7. RocketLawnChair

    Are You F'ing Kidding Me? WOW!!

    +1 for snagging that Virtual On. Honestly, T2 would be pretty cool too. ;)
  8. RocketLawnChair

    New miscellaneous F/S thread

    Aw man, I have to say: The PC Joybox is the BEST PC controller adapter ever. I've had mine for years and love it. Always recommend them to people, but they're hard to come by these days.
  9. RocketLawnChair


    **NES, and SNES bundles have been sold.** Thank you. :) Original thread below: Alright guys, it's time for me to put up a rather large NES bundle. Really hate to do it, but I am. Flash your cash, and pick up an instant collection. ;) You'll save yourself a lot of work (believe me), and money...
  10. RocketLawnChair

    Fatal Fury Special isn't that special

    Bastard. Anyway, YOU'RE me. <3
  11. RocketLawnChair

    Guy buys Neo Geo Pocket at Gamestop

    Yeah, I remember that. Surprised the hell out of me at the time.
  12. RocketLawnChair

    Trade with Metalcezar

    Allen, I'm truly sorry to hear about your child. Really hope everything turns out okay, and I wish him or her the best. Sometimes these things just happen, and we're never prepared. There is never a direct reason, so don't go torturing yourself. That road will only lead to madness. For what it's...
  13. RocketLawnChair

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY:Yue(moon)

    Happy Birthday. Rare and I are e-mailing you. :p
  14. RocketLawnChair

    Thumbs up for TonK

    It's been a while since I've dealt with TonK, but he's a great guy to deal with. (Everyone on n-g already knows this. ;))
  15. RocketLawnChair

    FS: Tekken 2 (PSX) Sealed $13 Shipped!

    Ghost in the Shell is easily one of the best Playstation games ever. Killer deal for someone!
  16. RocketLawnChair

    WAV to MP3 conversion

    Audacity is free, and it should work for you. I don't use Windows, but I often use the Linux version to convert / edit audio. Apparently there is a Windows version. :)
  17. RocketLawnChair

    The Michael Vick Poll, style

    Well, at least Manson's hilarious. (proof here) Vick confessed to some pretty fucked up crimes, but Manson never actually killed anyone.
  18. RocketLawnChair

    Planning a Japan Trip Next Month

    Wow, that sounds like a dream. I've heard Japan has some beautiful riding country. :) What kind of bike do you have?
  19. RocketLawnChair

    Car Enthusiast Thread

    Killer V8 Miata! Ever run it through the quarter mile? Have to be getting mid-high 11s with that thing. Awesome. By the way not sonic, nice Fiero. :) I have an '86 fastback myself. One of these days I'll upload some pics.
  20. RocketLawnChair

    AES vs MVS: A Cost Comparison

    Not to mention games like Pulstar, Neo Turf Masters, Blazing Star, and Shock Troopers.