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  1. Grinwing

    JNX Big Red, 1st Batch

    Nice work! May just have to pick one of these up.
  2. Grinwing

    WTB: MVS Control Panel and Harness

    Looks like a Dynamo cab from the control panel. They had the cut corners like that. Also don't see a memory card reader/headphone panel though not all 2 slots had them (mine doesn't). Also don't see the Neo sticker under the control panel. My money is that what you have is a Dynamo cabinet.
  3. Grinwing

    2D Con June 3-5th Bloomington,MN

    Thanks for the report Greg.
  4. Grinwing

    2D Con June 3-5th Bloomington,MN

    I was planning on passing this round. I also am riding in the MS150 the weekend after.
  5. Grinwing

    Foods... you can't get in your country that...

    I would love to find Irn Bru in the US. I drank that all the time when I was in Scotland. Would also love to find some decent haggis here in the states. The ones I have found don't compare to what I had over there. Just did a search on Irn Bru and you can get it here online, but it's far too...
  6. Grinwing

    Any suggestions for mounting Happ style sticks to a wood panel?

    Most are mounted using carriage bolts. They are available in different lengths at most local hardware stores.
  7. Grinwing

    Twinkle Star Sprites - 1996 developer interview

    Definitely an enjoyable read. Thanks for doing the work.
  8. Grinwing

    Close Please

    PM sent
  9. Grinwing

    Neo Geo 1 Slot cab - thoughts on price

    Looks like a williams cab to me. Joust, Robotron, Bubbles...
  10. Grinwing

    Neo Geo 1 Slot cab - thoughts on price

    HardMVS is a great site for info. Sounds like the board is the earliest one which is large. Also the one slot is Jamma standard.
  11. Grinwing

    FS: Capcom ZN2 boards / bundles and other PCB's

    I am interested in the Mr. Driller 2 if it is still available.
  12. Grinwing

    2D Con - May 8th-9th Ramada MoA Mpls MN

    Did you happen to grab them? My wife plays AC and would love the costume.
  13. Grinwing

    2D Con - May 8th-9th Ramada MoA Mpls MN

    Missed the Nintendo table. Must have been a Saturday thing. You didn't grab any extra AR cards did you?
  14. Grinwing

    2D Con - May 8th-9th Ramada MoA Mpls MN

    Signed up.
  15. Grinwing

    2D Con - May 8th-9th Ramada MoA Mpls MN

    First I have heard of it. It might be interesting though there is not a lot of info on their web page.
  16. Grinwing

    New to buying from yahoo japan

    Anyone have some good tips/tricks when buying from yahoo japan? Also which services do you use or recommend and which should be avoided. This will be the first time I have done this and I have no clue what to expect.
  17. Grinwing

    MN Crew meetup @ Blainebrook Bowl or SS Billiards?

    Let me know when you are thinking. Though the rest of this year is pretty busy with the holidays and whatnot.
  18. Grinwing

    Going to be getting my first cab, a question first..

    Nice score! I used to play the hell out of Gauntlet!
  19. Grinwing

    Who loves pinball? (moved)

    Likely, as I saw Koi many times throughout the weekend (and I haven't watched the videos.) I spent some time up in the suite for the VIP party Dutch Pinball was throwing. I have to say, if I had the cash, I would have preordered The Big Lebowski. For it being their first pin, they have...