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  1. Atro

    Another Hammer Away found!!!!

    Oh yes. Another mindblowing story. A friend of mine acquired this PCB just a few days ago. It was stored away 6km (4 miles +-) from me the whole time! This time the picture is a bit different. While there was some kind of damage on the System 18 board (namely rust), the game turned on and...
  2. Atro

    The hombrew scene on the Neo - A gouging greed?

    I've been thinking aout this. While not my cup of tea (NG Dev team), I can appreciate the effort they put in their games and out of them all, I really think they did an astounding job with Gunlord. So, in other words, NG Dev team is quite already a "player" in the Indie, post-Neo Geo era. Now...
  3. Atro

    KOF 98 comics VOL.7

    It's been quite a while since I want to post this and share the contents. Has anyone ever heard/seen these comics/volumes? I've found this in one of my trips to Asia. It's fully in chinese (can't distinguish if it's cantenese or mandarin), it would be cool to have it translated tho. The art...
  4. Atro

    Arcade / Game room / Collection March 2020

    Here's a little video to share my current arcade/gaming setup at home. Hope you enjoy it. wcbWhmDfjvU
  5. Atro

    Lots of unique MVS carts / Big shooters included

    Final Edit: All games were sold, except those I decided to keep them on top of the others I already had. So the listing below, will just be kept for the purpose of future references. Sold stuff to'ers : Robo Army 100 EUR to Dinodoedoe Last Resort 140 EUR to Neorebel Double Dragon 40...
  6. Atro

    New Arcade Room

    Hi folks! I not long ago moved my stuff from one room to another, in order to avoid moisture on my belove CRT's. I ended up gaining some more space, and I am considering adding one more cabinet if I find suitable speakers for my PVM consoles setup :vik: It would make me gain about 40cm's for...
  7. Atro

    FS/FT - 7 AES Games

    Hi folks. I'm in the hunt for a New Net City cabinet, so I'm trying to raise some funds. Up for grabs are a few AES games I scored on a deal. As always, "first come, first served". I can take paypal gift or +4%. The game prices and condition are as follow: Art of Fighting - 85EUR, good...
  8. Atro

    New Room 2018

  9. Atro

    The "Luke Morse" Odissey

    Hello Ladies & Gents. I have a little story about this "Sir", Luke Morse, that happened with a friend of mine. I usually don't put my nose on these matters lighty, but because I couldn't stand the false "morals" of that guy. I went through this and expose how nasty this person can be. It all...
  10. Atro

    FS: Neo MV4's

    Hello. I have up for grabs two MV4 in good working condition. Haven't taken pictures yet, but can provide them shortly. I need to move those quick. 100€ + shipping each unit. If you don't need the metal plate to make the postage cheaper, I'm OK with that. One of them has an underneath patch...
  11. Atro

    WTS : LOSJ + Mutation Nation MVS

    As the title says, Mutation Nation and LOSJ are up for grabs. Got them this weekend in France (I made sure they're not "frogged" :keke:). Shipping is 17€ per cart or 22€ for both. LOSJ - 100€ [has a bit of the cart plastic loose inside] Free shipping in EU if you take both, 10€ for the US...
  12. Atro

    A3 Marco Rossi by J.Charrua

    I thought I should share this brutal work by a friend of mine. Absolutely gorgeous! Enjoy!
  13. Atro

    MVS "Heavy hitters" and VGA Supergun + SLG3000

    Up for grabs are these puppies from my collection. I got new ones better looking labels (or cart shells), so these are gonners. As always, first come - first served. I wonder how long Windjammers gonna last :cool: Windjammers - 150€ SOLD to Toranza Blazing Star - 120€ Last Resort - 150€...
  14. Atro

    FS: MVS Windjammers

    Up for grabs is this transparent Windjammers cart. nOObs are OK to apply. But I'd rather be happier if it stays in the "core". 100€ + shipping. Paypal gift or +4%. First come, first served. 3... 2... 1...
  15. Atro

    FS/FT : PCB, PGM,Taito F3

    Hello everyone. Up for grabs some stuff I don't touch in my collection. I'd be happier if this stuff moves just for cash, but I'm kindly open for trades too. As for the pricing, I'm sorry I cannot go soft on these items as I also paid premium for them. Western label/logo Warriors of Fate...
  16. Atro

    FS: AES SVC Chaos Jap

    Never played (by me, might have been at the shop I bought it). I also am open to trades or trade + cash. Askin 400€. Paypal gift or +4%. Pictures don't do justice. The box is really fantastic and the plastic is really tight and flat on the sides. Stuff I'm interested in: MVS...
  17. Atro

    FS: JAP AES Matrimelee MINT / Like new

    Hello. First of all, let me make one thing clear! The game is NOT mine. A friend of mine bought this game (new) last year on a trip we made to Asia. He wanted to get into AES but he decided to go the MVS route so he left this game on storage until he decided to let it go. He's asking 600€ for...
  18. Atro

    220v Neo Geo CD PSU

    Hi there! As the title says. I'm in search for a working NGCD PSU. Preferably in Europe. I might consider a 110v one if I cannot find one with Europe specs. Let me know!
  19. Atro

    Samurai Shodown II - Daughter board version

    Hi there! Just came back home from my Asian trip. While wandering around shops and stuff, I found one that had this very bad looking MVS cart. By the marks of the mask roms, it's a Samurai Shodown II. I wonder if it's a fix or a pre-version of the final game. I'm still unpacking all the...
  20. Atro

    Original 29" Naomi 31KHz Monitor

    I was wondering if anyone has already tried an X-RGB 3 on one of those chassis. I might have a deal on another Naomi Cab, and having and XRGB3 as a bargain from a friend of mine could avoid me the trouble of finding a new CRT for 15KHz games. Any thoughts?